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I can answer about the audiobook stuff and the short answer is yes there is a very big audience in audiobook especially for what's called Romantica which is romance with sexytimes.

The best sellers tend to be dual narration where each chapter is from a different point of view so 13579 would be from the male point of view and two four six eight 10 would be from the female's point of view.

You cast 2 narrators make sure they have fantastic voices and the ability to say fuuuuuuuuck in a really sexy way.

The top romance narrators are SebYo (Sebastian York), Joe Arden, Emma Wilder and Andi Arndt. They are booked years in advance.

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Amazon makes it really easy. So when you sign up for it you can sign up for it under your real name and then when you go to publish the book you can pick any pseudonym you would want

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I've seen author do it every possible way it's really up to you.

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I am an Audible narrator currently narrating a "firefighter romance novel" which is a very popular genre.

Thoughts on the fact that your profession immediately conjures up "sexytimes" to a large following of readers/listeners?

PS - thank you for what you do, your service means much more than a simple thank you can express.

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Well, I should say mine when its done, which won't be until the new year! ;) I was just as surprised, but yes it is along with "policeman" romances and "sports" romances.

Msging you a list and a free Audible code, hang tight!