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I got into the field because of college! I took a sports cinematography class fall 2019 and the course was taught by an NFL Films cinematographer and he mentored me and told me in 2019 that I had potential to work in the NFL and not even three years later I got to work a preseason game!

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A LOT of it is instinct and anticipating whats going to happen. A big trick is to give your subject lead room and give them space ahead of them when they are running. You get used to fluidly moving the camera with the motions of the game (I just edited in a YouTube link of my work)

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So you can make bank if you work a lot but just starting out, I’m only working NHL and NBA if someone calls out and they need someone last minute. The work is consistent once you aren’t just starting out. I have many jobs now because I don’t want to be out of work so I do a mix of corporate events when I’m not working sports

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Some jobs I get $50 an hour one I get $45 an hour and another I get $29 an hour so theres a difference depending where you work more

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Overtime SUCKSSS you can’t go to the bathroom during the game if you are working the network camera you have to drink as little water as you can pregame so you don’t have to pee often