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You walk into a Starbucks and say, "The usual, please." What's your drink?

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It was revoked in 2013.

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Seizure Response Dogs.

One of my mentors at university had an epileptic daughter that got a seizure response dog. Airlines allow aid dogs to fly with the passenger. During one flight, the dog started barking and nudging the girl, so they laid her prone in the aisle floor in the front of the plane, put in oral protection, etc. in preparation. 45 minutes later, she had a epileptic seizure. How does that shit work??? How the heck do dogs sense an oncoming episode so far in advance???

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I'm curious about relationships in your commune - the only other one I know people in is a free-love sort of commune, is there a particular philosophy in yours? Do most people have relationships with others outside, or is it mostly within the commune? If within, are there ways relationships and sex are different than what we would expect?