Link to my first thread:

I ended up being arrested by federal authorities for my crimes. I knew they were coming and when they finally arrested me I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I spent time in federal prison and here I am today ready to share my experiences.

Edit 1: The main reason I'm doing this is because I want to dissuade people from getting involved in this lifestyle. When I logged into my account after 3 years I had a lot of messages from my previous AMA asking me how to get involved in this line of business. I may have glamorized this line of business a little in my previous AMA and I apologize. I was young and stupid. It wasn't worth it.

I lost everything when I went to prison. I was shunned by my extended family, my friends abandoned me, the woman I loved left me and worst of all, my dog died. My dog dying is what really hurt. While I was rotting away in a small, filthy prison cell everyone else was moving on with their lives. Calling my mom on Christmas and hearing her crying because she missed me will always be on my mind.

I started trafficking because my mother was dying and I needed the money to pay for her hospital bills. Eventually I became so corrupted with money that I started getting not violent, but aggressive. I was always looking to start a bar fight or any kind of conflict.

Only my parents and best friend stuck by me in all of this. My best friend sent me legal work pertinent to my case and even sent me money on occasion. I will always be grateful to him.

When I was trafficking, making money everyone wanted to be my friend. But when I tried calling my boys from prison they wouldn't answer and that's when I realized, they were only my boys when I was paying the bar tab.

My mother is alive and well today, I don't regret my actions because the money I made paid for her treatment, but I do wish things could've been different. She was depressed when I went to prison, but I'd rather her be depressed than dead.

Edit 2: Thanks for all the support and advice my dudes. I will stop answering questions at this time. I will try my best to have that book ready by next year. Till then.

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nicgom1102 karma

What happened to your possessions outside of prison like apartment/house, car, bills? What drugs did you carry? What do you do for a living nowadays?

Thanks for the ama

Hoo-yah1401 karma

My parents took care of my few possessions.

The only drugs I transported were marijuana and cocaine.

I invested the money I got from the stimulus checks and am living off of that for now.

like_ike_beat_tina1072 karma

Dude you replied to... every fucking question. What the fuck? Best AMA of the decade so far just due to pure effort.

Hoo-yah708 karma

I'm trying my best!

jimmycarr1759 karma

You did your time and can live as a free man. What's the plan from here?

Hoo-yah1167 karma

I'm going to write a book and write about all the fucked up things the people I was working for did.

Raythunda125755 karma

What’s a positive thing you’ve learned from the experience, something that would surprise others looking at your situation?

Hoo-yah1248 karma

It took me to hit rock bottom to finally understand my actions. Before prison I was getting drunk everyday and hurting those I loved. I vowed to myself, I will never be that guy again.

D1per911686 karma

Were there any parts of prison that you preferred over life on the outside?

Hoo-yah1173 karma

I liked the sense of humor everyone had.

Colin1023361 karma

Is the humor different in prison? Whats a banger joke in prison?

Hoo-yah1328 karma

It's a lot of gay jokes, but I liked the ones where we could make fun of ourselves and our situations.

A lot of guys would call their girlfriends/wives on a Friday night and of course it would go straight to voicemail. I would always tell them, "nah man, your girls at church". When in reality they were probably at the club.

venterol245 karma

As a sort-of aside, how are gay people treated in prison? Not just flamboyant ones, just if you were to slip that you had a boyfriend on the outside, would you be avoided, get beat up, or treated no differently than a non-gay inmate?

Hoo-yah415 karma

As long as you keep your hands to yourself, you'll be fine.

babylamar179 karma

I would assume prison jokes are a lot like construction jokes.

Hoo-yah200 karma

What is a good construction joke?

shy_high_guy733 karma

First day this crew came on my job site. Guy comes up and says, "Hey man, just wanted to let you know we got a gay iron worker on site. If you gimme a kiss I'll tell you who he is."

Hoo-yah194 karma


Dankestmemelord56 karma

The conversation about prison humor reminded me of a podcast hosted by a (supervised) inmate at San Quentin about how prison culture is different from the outside, and your responses were just like the kind of things he and his interviewees say. I figured you or others in the thread may find it interesting.

Hoo-yah107 karma

Humor is the best way to cope with shitty situations.

BellybuttonLeopards650 karma

How did the arrest go down? And how were the first 24 hours after getting put into cuffs feel?

Hoo-yah1160 karma

DEA politely knocked on my door, identified me and cuffed me. No guns were drawn.

The first 24 hours sucked. I slept most of it.

largesemi271 karma

From handcuffs at your door to in your cell what was the process at the federal level?

Hoo-yah429 karma

I was taken to the DEA office for interrogation and then to local PD to spend the night. The next day I went to court to get arraigned and then transferred to a federal detention center.

Daredizzle628 karma

Was your AMA part of the reason you were arrested?

Hoo-yah916 karma

Not at all. Feds were already tracking me long before the ama.

highdealist244 karma

Did they know it was you who did the AMA? Was it in evidence?

Hoo-yah344 karma

No and no.

Coldspark82454 karma

Did they tell you so, send a letter?

Hoo-yah136 karma

I learned this at my discovery.

webby_mc_webberson50 karma

That's interesting. What surprised you about what they already knew?

Hoo-yah107 karma

What surprised me was how incredibly dumb they are. Half the things they had on me was completely wrong.

cmockett11 karma

Could we get a brief example or two? Thanks!

Hoo-yah33 karma

They thought the big bad boss was some low level junkie.

KNHaw547 karma

What's the first thing you did when you got out?

Hoo-yah2429 karma

Googled celebrity nudes.

phamily_man117 karma

Why this? Did you hear about something in particular that you wanted to see? Or is this just your preferred adult content?

Hoo-yah599 karma

I just wanted to see if there were more leaked nudes of celebrities.

Vegetable-Curve-8136461 karma

What got you arrested? How long did you know it was coming ?

Hoo-yah698 karma

At least 6 months prior to my arrest. They arrested my co-defendant (drug boss) 2 months before me.

shockingdevelopment251 karma

Ever consider going on the run?

Hoo-yah558 karma

No. Mexico was the last place I wanted to be.

shockingdevelopment191 karma

How did you spend the months leading up to arrest, knowing it was coming?

Hoo-yah384 karma

I continued going to school, waiting for the inevitable.

shockingdevelopment174 karma

What's the worst thing you saw in prison?

Hoo-yah429 karma

A buddy of mine got the living shit beat out of him. That was painful to watch. He was a friend, but I couldn't step in because he was a gang member. If I'd done that then both of us would've been sent to the hospital.

shockingdevelopment139 karma

What triggers gang violence? Do they attack each other for no reason? Just avoiding as much contact as possible?

Hoo-yah221 karma

Usually it's the result of someone disrespecting someone else. Also, drug debts cause a lot of conflict.

mahade-7 karma

Why though? It seems like a place where you can easily fade into non-existence. Hard to track down and find. I lived in CDMX and it's huge, the outskirts are huuuuuge. You can rent a small room somewhere, pay cash, live cheap and anonymously, work in a community kitchen or something, get a job in some shop earning money off the books...

Fart__30 karma

That all sounds like more work than prison.

Hoo-yah20 karma


kyleclements30 karma

If you knew it was coming, why didn't you either try to run or turn yourself in?

Wouldn't the waiting be stressful as hell?

Hoo-yah96 karma

I was trying to finish my college semester.

HoodiesAndHeels21 karma

Did you?

Hoo-yah81 karma

I finished 2 out of 4.

GODAMA398 karma

What did you learn in prison?

Did you study or practice anything?

What helped pass the time with no internet?

What’s it like leaving daily access to the internet, then coming back years later?

Hoo-yah848 karma

I read over 300 books including the dictionary, thesaurus, bible, etc.

I spent my time getting into the best shape of my life. I watched a lot of football as well.

I jumped onto FB the first chance I got. Everyone I knew either had kids or were still doing the same thing they were doing before my incarceration.

downtimeredditor202 karma

If you Don't mind me asking what exercises did you do to get into the best shape of your life

Hoo-yah319 karma

Navy Seal burpees and a lot of running.

sumofsines171 karma

Did you eat okay? When I was in jail I felt like I was always starving, never understood how people could work out when they couldn't get enough to eat.

Hoo-yah277 karma

Federal prisoners eat good. Plus our commissary.

inailedyoursister78 karma

How are the prices on the commissary stuff?

Hoo-yah165 karma

30% markup. Not bad. I lived comfortably.

SadNAloneOnChristmas61 karma

How do you earn and how much do you earn in prison? Were your parents able to send you money?

Hoo-yah145 karma

My parents sent me money occasionally and I had my hustle while in prison.

Helping people write to their lawyers/judges regarding their cases.

bandanajack5 karma

What book(s) did you enjoy/value the most?

Hoo-yah32 karma

Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth, World without End.

Michael Crichton's State of Fear was one of my favorites too.

Bookybookbooks388 karma

Were you treated fairly in prison?

Did you ever see instances of favoritism, Racism, or illegal activity with the prison guards/employees?

What are the most important do's and don'ts of prison?

Thank you for the AMA

Hoo-yah796 karma

I was treated with respect because I treat others with respect.

Some guards favor inmates of their own race.

DO NOT EVER STEAL in prison. The absolute NO NO

Mind your own business and you'll be good.

Security_Chief_Odo363 karma

I imagine you don't get a whole lot of computer time. What do you spend your time doing aside from probably reading a lot ? Anything else to stay occupied?

Hoo-yah530 karma

I exercise extensively and watch a lot of football. Who dey!

GaussfaceKilla361 karma

Asking for my mom, do you have an opinion on how to stop trafficking?

Hoo-yah437 karma

I don't have the answers to that my dude.

buster284313 karma

That's quite the life, you doin okay man?

Hoo-yah452 karma

Considering the circumstances, I'm doing okay.

rich1051414300 karma

You said it was a weight off your shoulders. Was it the pressure to continue mulling and serving time was your only out, or was it just the fear of being caught at any time as well as not knowing the level of force coming down on you?

Hoo-yah357 karma

The latter. I was afraid I'd get 20 years in prison.

art_cart_dart_eart281 karma

What surprised you the most about prison in general?

Hoo-yah519 karma

How polite everyone is.

boeheim03275 karma

Did you have to join a prison gang?

Hoo-yah456 karma

I was offered, but I said no.

driverofracecars242 karma

Were there any consequences to declining?

Hoo-yah424 karma

None whatsoever

driverofracecars106 karma

Were they cordial about it?

Hoo-yah36 karma



What were you charged with?

What level prison did you go to?

Did you have support from the outside while you were in?

Did you cooperate? If not, what was the deal offered if you did?

Public defender or did you get a paid attorney? How were they?

What drugs were you muling?

What are your plans now?

Hoo-yah382 karma

Conspiracy with intent to distribute.


I received a safety valve so kinda.

I did at first, but ultimately my friends and family ended up abandoning me. Only my parents and best friend stuck around.

Marijuana and cocaine.

I intend to write a book.

SheketBevakaSTFU138 karma

What’s a “safety valve” in this context?

Hoo-yah170 karma

I told them my part in the conspiracy and accepted responsibility.

Dan_H128126 karma

At one time I was a seller of things at a mid level and while I was there on top had girls every weekend a house full friends out the ass to many always wanting to hang out I was using at the time and I got hit with a bunch of charges from a snitch I quit after I got out and I have had two friends over in five or six years, everyone figured out they could not hang out get hi for free or sell them stuff I was no longer valued, I will say that 1k n honest money does what 10k biz money gets u I swear I made like 3500-6500 a week or sometimes n a day and had issues paying bills it seemed like

Hoo-yah14 karma

I know the feeling brother...

TrialAndAaron9 karma

Get on TikTok. Huge topic on there. You’ll blow up

Hoo-yah13 karma

What is Tiktok? I know it's another social platform but have no idea how to navigate it.

snouz268 karma

I'm wondering, how did you perceive the beginning and evolution of Covid, and has it affected you?

What's the general point of view about it in prison?

Hoo-yah472 karma

I was in prison long before covid. When it became a pandemic it was a little disheartening to see the world ravaged by the virus. I had to go to the optometrist during covid and it was really weird seeing the free world during the pandemic. My city looked like a ghost town. Having your temperature checked and hands sanitized before you enter an establishment was so weird to me.

medortech148 karma

Can you give a brief description of how going to optometrist was like? Were you escorted by many guards? Thanks and all the best man

Hoo-yah432 karma

I was cuffed with 2 armed guards escorting me. We went to a free world doctor and everyone who was in the doctor's office kept staring at me. One mother placed herself between her little boy as they walked past me. That small gesture kinda stung.

AgitatedGopher242 karma

How do haircuts work in prison? Can you only get them on a set schedule? Is there a prison barber?

Hoo-yah278 karma

There are always a couple of barbers. One would use the clippers and others would razors.

I_creampied_Jesus88 karma

Is there like a really good one who takes appointments and gets paid in commissary? I would imagine you could run a decent little hustle if you were a great barber.

Hoo-yah162 karma

Yeah, there's always a barber who runs it like that. Now the prison currency is cashapp.

Ryan52669 karma

You get to have a cell phone in there?

Hoo-yah142 karma

Cell phones are contraband, but yes some inmates do have them.

andywolf8896240 karma

Do you have a career interest you plan on pursuing now that you're out?

Hoo-yah475 karma

I know how to weld. I may go back to school to get certified.

Fernxtwo212 karma

What's your favourite potato based dish?

Hoo-yah250 karma

French fries.

dgunn11235186 karma

What are the best job opportunities for an ex-felon?

I know there are a lot of limitations, which I find short sighted honestly.

Felons can not vote, cannot hold security clearance, cannot enlist in the military (seems like a good place for rehabilitation imho), I don’t know if they can get a business license, but a professional license is limited.

Hoo-yah279 karma

Truck driving, welding, HVAC were always the most commonly named jobs for ex-cons.

Antiochus_Sidetes175 karma

Best and worst part of being in prison?

Hoo-yah436 karma

Prison gave me a chance to be introspective.

Worst part? My dog died, my girl left me and all but one of my friends abandoned me.

TheNerdWithNoName294 karma

Well, now you can write a hit country song and be set for life.

Hoo-yah419 karma

I'm the next Taylor Swift

Itchy_Tasty88175 karma

Did you see a lot of fights inside? Has anyone tried picking a fight with you there?

Hoo-yah261 karma

I only saw a handful of fights. I was involved in 2 fights (self defense).

DrJulianBashir132 karma

Did you face any punishment from the prison (or further retaliation from the person who attacked you or their friends) after the fights?

Hoo-yah261 karma

5 months in solitary confinement.

darshilj97109 karma

How does someone live five months in solitary and doesn't go insane. What do you do in solitary confinement?

Hoo-yah238 karma

We had radios. I listened to a lot of music, talked football with the guards, read the newspaper( yes, we got the newspaper). It was kinda fun.

phamily_man51 karma

Why did you have to self defend? Could the fights have been avoided?

Hoo-yah100 karma

The guys swung first I was going to swing back too.

cptstupendous169 karma

If we decided to shift the focus from punishment to rehabilitation, what changes would you recommend to improve the success rate?

Hoo-yah413 karma

I think the first step would be to reduce the harsh mandatory minimum sentences. If someone gets 10 years for peddling drugs chances are he'll become institutionalized and continue to mess up.

TomFPark163 karma

What is the most effective way to transport drugs?

Hoo-yah340 karma

In my opinion, 18 wheelers.

fendent127 karma

Did your Reddit thread ever come up in evidence?

Hoo-yah109 karma


jorph119 karma

What's the plan now bud?

Hoo-yah200 karma

I'm gonna write a book

Metalhart00115 karma

Having been through it, what are your thoughts on the criminal justice system? If that's too broad or complicated to get into, how many stars would you rate it?

Hoo-yah272 karma

The feds definitely like to fuck people over. I was convicted for a crime I did not commit. Yes I trafficked drugs, but not the drugs they claimed.

Firebirdflame93 karma

If they convicted you of the drugs you actually trafficked, do you think your sentence would've changed at all?

Hoo-yah220 karma

I would've been out is 1.5 years instead of 3.

yippiyak112 karma

Do you have money leftover or did the feds take it all?

Hoo-yah201 karma

I had used up all my money by the time they arrested me.

yippiyak68 karma

Have you found legal employment yet?

Hoo-yah103 karma

Not yet

yippiyak63 karma

I don’t mean to be insensitive, but does that mean you’re basically starting things/life from square 1?

I guess I’ve just always been curious how people get by when they’ve kind of lost it all.

Hoo-yah113 karma

Basically yeah, but with a little money for a headstart.

turbo_the_turtle110 karma

What's the #1 thing in prison/the prison system that needs reform in your opinion?

Hoo-yah154 karma

Reduce the harsh mandatory minimum on drug charges.

Iamyes_ok110 karma

How long were you in prison for?

Hoo-yah168 karma

3 years

Stevetheu1101 karma

What was your initial reaction to Tiger King?

Hoo-yah182 karma

I saw it, thought it was fucked up. But who am I to judge?


Would you mind elaborating on what eventually brought you down?

Hoo-yah238 karma

My drug boss was arrested (I had already left the game 6 months at this point). He cooperated with the feds and gave me up.

krokodil_hodil51 karma

That's fucked up. Did they have any other evidence beside your boss talking?

Hoo-yah152 karma

Nothing else! I spent hours in the law library fighting my own case. My attorney said we could take it to trial, but my co defendant would've testified against me. Feds have a 97% conviction rate. If I would have lost I would have received at least 20 years.


Ah shoot. Any hard feelings towards him?

Laney20137 karma

Elsewhere in the thread he mentions that the guy thought he was snitching on them and was making plans to kidnap him. So I doubt they're good buddies, lol.

Hoo-yah143 karma

You are right sir!

Hoo-yah135 karma

Not anymore. He did what he had to do.

303elliott93 karma

How did your mental health transition throughout the process, from paranoia, to prison, to release?

Looking back, is there anything you would do differently?

Hoo-yah222 karma

Prior to my incarceration I was quite paranoid. Always looking over my shoulder, always scanning the parking lots for undercovers. I think however, my paranoia was justified. It became known to me that there was a plot to kidnap me.

In prison, a lot of people thought I was criminally insane because of my sense of humor. I don't think I'm insane I just like to laugh at the situation if possible.

wildddin77 karma

Can you expand please on the plot to kidnap you?

Hoo-yah213 karma

The drug network I was working for was under surveillance. A lot of the jobs they did were foiled by the feds and everyone seemed to think I was behind it.

I came across a recording between my boss and his boss scheming to kidnap me and take me to Mexico to question me.

griffincorg18 karma

Hey man, hope things have changed for the better for you and that the journey ahead may be tough, but I hope you won't go back to prison again.
Do you feel paranoid that your drug boss or someone else might be out to get you? Or do you ever feel that if you turned them down and don't intend to distribute again, that could rub them off the wrong way?

Hoo-yah65 karma

My drug boss will most likely die in prison. Everyone he was working for is hiding. Either way, I will never return to my home town.

Photonphlex74 karma

Prison in the media has a lot of downtime sitting in a cell doing absolutely nothing, how does that compare to what you were subjected to? I can imagine it wasn't fun per se but I also have a genuine question; would you say it was worth it? Given how much you've learned and changed throughout your spent time.

Hoo-yah165 karma

Those 5 months in solitary confinement was the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned more about myself in 5 months than I had in 20+ years of life.

junglebeef45 karma

What did you experience exactly? Any hallucinations?

Hoo-yah192 karma

The correctional officers posted there really took a liking to me. One even said, "you're a good kid. It kills me to see you in here. You don't act like the other idiots in here."

Solitary confinement gave me a lot of time to think. I realized just how fucked up I was before prison. I just learned to forgive myself.

Random96658 karma

Did you have access to as many books as you wanted in solitary?

Hoo-yah118 karma

Oh yeah. 5 books a week from a wide selection.

Rum_Soaked_Ham70 karma

What do you think your chances were of surviving being kidnapped and brought to Mexico for questioning?

Hoo-yah115 karma

Close to zero. I think they were set on killing me.

WhyAreYouEatingPaper65 karma

I have been in a similar situation with the DEA, oh man that is such a horrid feeling seeing those vests. Where did you serve your time? How much weight did you get charged with? I kept my nose clean for a while until Covid hit but retired due to some other real life issues, but am still on the straight and narrow. I’m guessing there are zero thoughts going through your head of a return? I’m way too fearful of a prison sentence

Hoo-yah117 karma

I went to a low level security prison. One time is enough for me. Never will I return to a life of crime.

Trill-I-Am61 karma

What advice would you give for someone going into prison the same amount of time as you?

Hoo-yah176 karma

Mind your own business, don't join a gang, work out.

AskMeOnADate51 karma

Ever watch any prison shows or documentaries? Are any of them realistic?

Hoo-yah108 karma

I've watched locked up on National geographic. The thing about that is, it's only state prison. Federal prison is far better than state.

PSteak44 karma

Do you have any shame?

Hoo-yah127 karma

I used to have a lot of guilt because of my actions. I even tried to kill myself because I felt so guilty. I learned to forgive myself and move on.

PyViet38 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the equivalent of smuggling drugs into Singapore) how desperate or stupid were you when you started muling?

Hoo-yah36 karma


TitsForLife34 karma

Which cartel did you work for?

Hoo-yah62 karma

Cartel del golfo

Manaleaking32 karma

Did being a criminal help you with the ladies? What kind of women were attracted to you?

What's your plan romance-wise?

Hoo-yah96 karma

I'm in relatively good shape and definitely carry myself differently after everything I been through. I'm currently talking to a girl way out of my league so I'd like to say yes.

I attract fat chicks for some reason.

Right now I just want to find a nice girl who doesn't care about my past crimes.

JelliedHam24 karma

What if she did care, but still wants to know your and understand who you are now vs then? From no experience whatsoever, I bet you'd probably find better prospects with people who were thoughtful about it rather than those who just don't care. I understand that's completely unsolicited. I'm cool with fucking off.

Hoo-yah39 karma

I'd be more than willing to talk to her about my past with her. What I meant was more in the sense of my past does not define me.

killuafreeccss21 karma

Did you ever meet any murderers?

Hoo-yah72 karma

I met one 19 year old kid there for capital murder. He was a little off... He was ecstatic after only getting 29 years.

Bloodyrazor1219 karma

What was your first meal after getting out?

Hoo-yah58 karma


ajm10510 karma

What was your prison hustle?

Hoo-yah23 karma

I helped people write letters to their lawyer/judge. I've always had a talent for profound writing.

parkersr19 karma

Would you go back to your former life?

How much did you make? Weekly, monthly etc? Was it enough to make you feel secure enough for your future and to not not want to leave that lifestyle?

Hoo-yah24 karma

Never. I like women too much

morally-illegal9 karma

How did you find the transition back into the real world from the pen?

Are there things that you forgot about like how to time cars to cross the street?

Having looked in the eyes of a stranger, or even a woman for example like an assistant when shopping, first few moments when you have been out. Did it trip you out a bit?

How hard is it to find work as a criminal?

Hoo-yah13 karma

I gave absolutely zero fucks of what people thought about me. After what I've been through I just don't care what people think or say about me.

Neither_Echo8 karma

Do you think there’s anything anyone could of told you before you started, that would of made a difference in you not going this route in life?

Hoo-yah32 karma

I learned long ago to stop asking myself "what if, I should've..." What's done is done and I'm okay with what happened. Some people just have to learn the hard way and I was one of those.

Fuck_You_Downvote8 karma

Was there prison hooch? I brew beer and wonder if brewers are in high demand and what the competition would be like.

Hoo-yah22 karma

I tried it twice and it was really weak. Then I realized it's kinda sad to be drinking in prison so I stopped.

informationista995 karma

What was your first sexual experience like when you got out?

Hoo-yah23 karma

I nutted in like 2 seconds.

TheVonSolo4 karma

What’s the first meal you had as a free man?

Hoo-yah22 karma


dangit15902 karma

Are you alright? Any plans for the future? Many wishes from California.

Hoo-yah3 karma

I'm going to write a book.

Cyberpunk1211-1 karma

Did you see prison rape/sex?

Hoo-yah8 karma

Not where I was at, but perhaps at a USP.

Fancy-Ad-378510 karma

What is USP?

Hoo-yah6 karma

United States penitentiary (Maximum security)

the_DAPS-5 karma

Any advice for a fugitive avoiding the law currently? Asking for a friend.

Hoo-yah19 karma


Shurae-9 karma


Hoo-yah2 karma