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How did you get Trump Derangement Syndrome and who did you pay off to avoid being in jail where you belong right now?

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you come for an hour with chloe and you leave with dating advice to find a gf, win-win lol

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Why are people who were happy to make money in the guise of being life coaches now acting like victims to get TV and book deals? It seemed like people were having fun in summer camp and volleyball, having meetings with like-minded people and meeting celebrities, while Albany was bankrolling office space and creating course content.

It's the actions of 5 or 6 people who were predatory, and the whole pyramid of cards came crumbling down, right?

What are your thoughts on Landmark? Seems like a similar organization.

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Your politically correct "non-answer" talking point makes you indistinguishable from a suit on TV.

The question was about AOC and Dave Bratt who actually delivered on making change. AOC and progressives, and Dave and tea party, both said they will make gov work for the people, and ousted party leaders and got to work.

Have you heard of them? What are your thoughts on their politics? Thank you.

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I subscribe to the theory that change can only happen from within a major party. What are your thoughts on AOC and Dave Bratt, their methods, values, and stances, who primaried mainstream party leaders to reform their respective parties?