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Makes me think the people where I live are normal... never thought that before.

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I could ask so many questions. Your father is basically my favorite person ever.

I want to inspire my 10 YO daughter to learn and be amazed by our universe the way your dad inspired me. Can you give me any advice on how an old man that's obsessed with physics, mysteries and the universe, such as myself, can inspire a young girl to feel the same way? It's tough to compete with all the distractions aimed at kids and teens today.

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What was your family life like? Your dad was such an important figure to me it's difficult to imagine him as flawed. What was your relationship with him like?

What is your family life like now? Do you have any relationships with your various half siblings? Is your family all scientifically minded or do even the Sagans have a redneck uncle who drinks too much and talks politics at dinner?

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Awesome, thank you!