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Where did Hannibal get his elephants in the second Punic war? Where they Asian or African elephants?

Given a choice are Indian elephants or African elephants better for a siege of Carthage in 216 B.C.? I say African due to their size but my buddy says Indian because they are better disciplined. Wondering what your thoughts are on the matter.

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Has this changed your shopping habits at all?

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Have you done an adventure for someone who obviously didn't want to do it? How did that go?

I am assuming that since a considerable amount of money is involved, the person purchasing it would talk to the receiving party ahead of time. I am picturing a desperate proposal, the kind we see in the movies but without the movie ending.

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So funny seeing something on Reddit turn up in the respectable real world. Better than Buzzfeed anyway.

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Is there more or less of a stigma of the mentally ill?