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Are you still a body double? Is there a difference in body doubles and a stunt person? I assume all stunt persons can be body doubles, but not the other way around?

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You said it was a weight off your shoulders. Was it the pressure to continue mulling and serving time was your only out, or was it just the fear of being caught at any time as well as not knowing the level of force coming down on you?

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I am not sure I have misophonia, or simply an association developed early in life, but when I hear someone talking about themselves while smacking their lips, it makes me very angry as it comes off as extreme conceitedness. Is this misophonia?

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So I guess it's not. It only bothers me when the lip smacking is combined with conceitedness, but it's such a powerful trigger I have to excuse myself from the room when I hear it. I have no issues with lip smacking in other contexts.

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I mean, I hear everyday how all liberals are social justice warriors who rage war on Christmas, hate the white man, want to kill babies and want perverted men dressed in women's clothes to touch their little girls in the bathroom, but somehow it is an injustice to suggest the right panders to homophobia, sexism and racism?