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I just don't know what I father and son talk about in regards to women.

"You know son, if it has tits or tires, it's gonna take all yer money. At least a car gets you somewhere"

"Remember, son, getting her drunk is half the battle"

"Don't ever get married, and never, ever have children, worst mistakes of my life. A wife and kids are the death of freedom and fun"

now you know...

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One of my favourite things about your role in "Harold and Kumar" was how you were one of the first times Hollywood has ever shown an Asian character be something other than a background lab technician, or martial arts master.

Your character was just a hard working human with wants, feelings, and a personality.

It's about damn time we saw that on screen!

I think you'd make an awesome batman.

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Is there any way to tighten up loose skin without surgery?

Even just a little bit?

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For so long, American television has been very anti-intellectual. Anyone who can form half a thought and put it together coherently is pushed to the sidelines so the idealogues can bark at the camera.

What I like Big Bang's traditional style is how it pulls in a huge audience of normal people and tells them, "it's ok to be smart" (even if you are only smart in one very narrow field).

If BBT were in a more edgy format, it would likely have attracted a much smaller audience, and we would all be sitting here, bitching about how "no one watches intelligent television".

"The limits set you free" - random line from an Ohgr song

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or are caught and sentenced to a life of hard labour for themselves and the next two generations of their family. (NK commonly punishes people 3 generations down)