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... millions of Redditors working and Redditing at the same time suddenly realize they are not that much different from those north Koreans acting busy to keep their jobs.

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First off: by far the most interesting AMA I have ever read in all my years on Reddit. Thanks for doing this! And I'm jealous at your amazing job!

Question 1 : Of all the braindead people on your table, what causes of death are most prominent do you think? Are motorcycle riders more "well represented" than others?

Question 2: So you put a donor heart inside someone's chest cavity, connect the arteries and... then what? Aren't there nerves to connect? How does the heart start beating again, through physical massage or a steroid injection?

Thanks in advance :)

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So, except for awesome science, what's actually going on there? What makes it worth the investment? Anything specific that will come out of this? Exciting new technologies that you think can become viable in a few decades of time due to the research done there?

I love that you guys exist and do all this - thanks for existing!

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Awesome :) I always envision you guys and girls to be like our own personal Alien spacecraft. Just put smart people in, cool ideas come out. You're all heroes of our civilization, to me anyway.

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It's so simple, too. Tabs: most IDE's let you configure how wide you want a tab to be displayed. Spaces: nope. You just get spaces. Do you like to have your code indented with the room of 2 spaces? BAD LUCK BOIO, WE USE 4 SPACES.

Spaces are annoying. All projects I work on use them. It's annoying.

We're lucky we have religion, at least those wars were relatively civil. The wars between spaces vs. tabs would be cataclysmic.