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Natalie! You played a great Anne Boleyn and have been killing it on Game of Thrones!

What do you like on your waffles?

Edit: Thanks Buzzfeed http://www.buzzfeed.com/kmallikarjuna/more-reasons-to-love-natalie-dormer

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Hi Dr. Ruddell,

Is there a universal resource that when added to a community, reduces the crime rate? I am aware that there are an infinite number of variables that would affect this. But is there something standard like "adding more parks" to a community that reduces crime every time? Or at least close to it?

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What's the strangest place or moment that a great musical idea has come to you?

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Hey! Thanks for doing this AMA. I work with artists and musicians to build their brand, grown their audience, and reach new ears. Unfortunately, everyone wants to bank on "going viral". How much control do you feel you had on that experience vs. hard-work/luck contributing?

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What were the backup plans if things ever got violent quickly?