I posted this 2hrs ago but resubmitting cause taken down for lack of verification, so i did it right after a shower

Hello, I'm Noa, I got most of my left hand amputated on 11th of February in a work accident

In my free time i stream on twitch where I'm actually trying to make it a career which i hope will one day bring me enough money to buy a new prosthetic hand.

If you're interested in my story here's a 20 minute video that explains that, and this one's SFW

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AllWomenAreQueens98227 karma

What was the work accident?

magicisnotforanyone424 karma

Glove caught by a machine and pulled my hand in which grinded my hand like a wood chipper

user00067170 karma

Man, I'm almost too afraid to ask, but can you describe the emotions in that moment?

magicisnotforanyone599 karma

First words were why the fuck the left hand, but i didn't panic, was calm, then after 5 mins adrenaline gave up and the pain was horrible.

Friend told me if I fall asleep i die, so i stayed awake for an hour and a half till they had to operate me

Kuntski185 karma

Sorry to hear that. Stay strong brother!

magicisnotforanyone175 karma

I will bro

amyabrooks5098 karma

God bless you, Dude. I'm telling you to STAY strong because the strength of your character is waaaay up there. You are strong! Best of luck to you. And I prayed you get that prosthetic!

magicisnotforanyone82 karma

Thanks bro, i hope for that to happen one day too, bless you.

NuclearStar5 karma

Can you sleep now?

magicisnotforanyone9 karma

For the first 10-15 days i had nightmares and woke up like 7-8 times a night, barely had 2 hours of sleep, after i started streaming, you know interacting with chat and talking it slowly faded away, had only 3 instances since then when i had nightmares

tengukaze42 karma

Did you at least get some money out of the work accident? Not that it makes it better but ya know.

magicisnotforanyone172 karma

Wasn't employed and no one had any insurance, only way to get anything is to sue the owner of machines for letting me operate it with no prior experience or education about machinery, that's what the police told me

Squish_the_android246 karma

Don't get legal advice from the police. They don't know nearly as much as you'd think. At least get a free consult with a personal injury lawyer.

magicisnotforanyone111 karma

I forgot to mention but yes i actually did consult with them and they told me the same thing, but it's still all being worked on, in my country it can take years for such a case, the lawyer told me 6 months is his lowest estimation and that i could get maybe 20k$

eye_spi50 karma

In the U.S., at least, 'work accident' implies an accident on the job, but you say you weren't employed. Can you clarify?

magicisnotforanyone142 karma

I was helping a friend in another guys workshop, and I'm not from the US.

By work accident i meant i was WORKING you know doing a task on a machine not working as in employed.

And sorry, English is not my first language and I'm certainly not familiar with the US justice system terminology

eye_spi44 karma

No need to apologise. I figured it was me misunderstanding, and I just added the U.S. perspective for context. Thanks for clarifying, and I hope your recovery goes well.

magicisnotforanyone20 karma

Ah it's okay, thanks for the get well wishes!

simple_mech26 karma

Is that true? That if you fell asleep you’d die?

magicisnotforanyone346 karma

I don't know, i stayed awake and lived so can't confirm

Catlesley2 karma

Omfg-good for you! Have been there. How did you manage to stay in your head?? I didn’t. My new hero..❤️

magicisnotforanyone2 karma

I just knew it's still only the begining of my life, i may have a literal handicap, but i'll adapt.

First time someone's called me a hero lol even though i didn't do any heroic deeds. Thank You for that!

Bongoroach0 karma

That is so badass

magicisnotforanyone2 karma

No u

MostlyFresh73 karma

And this right here, for those who don’t know, is why you don’t wear gloves or loose clothes when using power tools. Getting pulled in by material around your body is super dangerous. Without gloves you have a better chance of only being injured and not maimed.

Sorry that happened to you, OP. luckily you can still give people the thumbs up!

magicisnotforanyone45 karma


wonderboyobe7 karma

What type of machin was it

magicisnotforanyone17 karma

Someone told me the english translation for it is a planer, but i cannot find images of the one on which i was working on cause its so old

ignore_this_comment3 karma

Based on your descriptions, I'm betting something similar to this.

magicisnotforanyone8 karma

Not that old lol it was a square machine and was very loud this looks like one that you have to manually operate like a bicycle

youngsyr2 karma

Sorry about your hand.

What type of machine was it?

magicisnotforanyone11 karma

Translation for it is a planer, but cant find images of the ancient one i had a scuffle with

neuromorph-6 karma

what was teh OSHA report like?

magicisnotforanyone3 karma

The what?

russellvt108 karma

What's been the most difficult reacclimation, so far?

magicisnotforanyone233 karma

Ngl had to google the word, but thank you, you learn something new every day.

Cutting food is hard, but others do it for me.

But I have to shave my privates alone, and that takes a WHILE

Dicer21463 karma

Let me direct you to this.

Works wonders. It’s expensive (certainly for me in the UK) but it definitely works. Obviously you should patch test it, but it could save you a whole load of time.

magicisnotforanyone50 karma

Oh yeah heard about those creams, will try it, will probably save me a year of my lifetime if i keep using it with the amount of time it takes me currently lol

Also, Happy cake day!

FilthyBaker21 karma

This stuff will make your skin smell strange for days!

magicisnotforanyone67 karma

Well not like I'm gonna be getting any action anytime soon lol

averageredditorsoy37 karma

I watched your video for a few seconds and I'm convinced the ladies will find you very handsome. Bedroom action will be awkward for a while sure but there's no reason you shouldn't achieve normal success in that area.

magicisnotforanyone137 karma

I basically have 2 dicks

Zenabel26 karma

Hey with that humor and you’re very handsome, I think you’ll be just fine with the ladies :) source: am lady

magicisnotforanyone20 karma

Stop it, ur making me blush

CommonConfusables15 karma

As a person who got burned by this cream using it correctly, don’t use these chemicals. If you want to shave for yourself, that is fine, but most people don’t care about that or at least there are plenty of people that would prefer natural you over a burned up privates that smells weird (and it does linger for a few days).

If you don’t get it all off in time, you could seriously damage your bits, so just do your bits a favor and love them as they are. Tidy up safely. Try an electric razor like a one-blade with a good guard. The more quality the razor and guard, the easier it will probably go (less chance of cuts and repeating areas).

Edit: also, i never understood why anyone would want to look like they are a pre-pubescent person with no hair I might be bias, but I would rather have a partner look adult with hair.

magicisnotforanyone10 karma

Ok ill listen to you, why fix something that ain't broken

I just shave the sack and trim above

bumnut76 karma

What have you found most difficult so far having to do one handed?

How quickly is your other hand becoming "dominant”?

magicisnotforanyone129 karma

  1. Hard choice between cutting my own food or shaving my privates

  2. Still don't know how to write better than a first grader and not sure which other metric i can use... But each day it gets better

mtled51 karma

For the first, have your OT suggested rocker knives? There are plenty of choices that aren't too expensive and they work really well. My father only has use of one arm after a stroke and he likes a knife like this one, but there are other designs.

I don't know why but none of my dad's therapists suggested this, I found it on my own. There are also cutting boards with edges and spikes to hold things in place for one-armed use, or even hinged knives built in. I've found it fascinating to research the various adapted tools available to help my dad.

Best of luck to you!

magicisnotforanyone32 karma

Will check it out, but for now I got family to help with that. But yea, I'll look for tools to help me with stuff i cannot do, already got a bunch of reconmendations here in the comments.

Thanks mate, best of luck to you too!

chezyt22 karma

After I broke my hand and it was casted, the first thing my uncle asked was, “Is it hard to wipe your ass?” He was right. It was.

In all seriousness I hope you have a speedy recovery physically and mentally.

magicisnotforanyone6 karma

Cheers mate, appreciate it!

Drealnigerianprince62 karma

How has it affected your personal relationships with friends, family a spouse etc?

magicisnotforanyone153 karma

Family helps me a lot and I can confidently say it improved my relationship with them.

Friends... Well some are supportive and helping, others avoid me because I think my hand makes them uncomfortable, or they feel sad, so they decided to just ghost me or make excuses not to see me....

Smokedeggs73 karma

That’s sad but some people just can’t handle traumatic events. They just don’t know what to say or do.

magicisnotforanyone58 karma

I hope when it heals and one day i get a prosthetic everything will return to normal

T-K-K23 karma

That’s super fucking shitty of them

magicisnotforanyone39 karma

Shit happens - Forrest Gump

fsmlogic1 karma

Sorry dude, people can be really shitty sometimes.

magicisnotforanyone3 karma

I got used to it

AlyfromHR50 karma

What do you currently enjoy the most about streaming?

Do you have any plans for future projects/special streams in the works?

magicisnotforanyone86 karma

People that keep coming back are making me very happy.

I'm getting a special mouse with which i could move as if i had a ps4 or xbox controller, so I'll be able to play more games.

I promised the viewers I'll play some horror games cause I get scared easy and It'll be fun for them

AlyfromHR15 karma

I gave you a follow (: I'll keep an eye out for your upcoming streams.

Horror games are a favorite of mine! Do you have any in mind that you have seen or heard of that you look forward to trying?

magicisnotforanyone14 karma

My pc is quite shitty, so i was thinking of older ones like amnesia and slenderman.

Though I'll have to explore a bit since i never played games of that genre

Also thank You.

FloTheSnucka9 karma

If you are able to play horror games on console or ever get a better PC, play Soma. It's scary, but it's one of the best stories in a game I've played in years. :)

magicisnotforanyone5 karma

Will check it out!

dcux3 karma

Five nights at freddy's seems like it might not require the best rig. Best of luck.

magicisnotforanyone3 karma

Will check it out, heard about it, but never played it.

Ty for advice

cory1402 karma

Stream TFT :)

magicisnotforanyone2 karma

I played it before, but didn't enjoy it that much, is it any better now after the Jhin Teemo meta?

Alphabet_Monster37 karma

I was reading some of your previous posts and saw this happened while you were helping your best friend. Is he still your best friend? Has he been helpful during all of this?

Have you thought about buying little hats to put on your remaining finger? I think a Robin Hood hat would suit it nicely or maybe even a cape.

magicisnotforanyone92 karma

Saw him once since it happened, he was fixing my car but i decided i'd rather sell it since it was a junk car from 2003 and a manual, so i'll just sell it and find a cheap automatic so its easier to drive

Hadn't thought of that, but I'll be Jaimee Lannister for halloween

syrvyx31 karma

Have you begun looking to see if there are studies in bionic prosthetics you might be eligible for?

Edit: I mentioned studies because they furnish the prosthetic and they have the potential to be high tech.

magicisnotforanyone44 karma

The Dr said we'll talk prosthetics once my hand is fully healed, I was looking online but they were all for fully missing hands or for extensions...

I'll need a custom made one and they were mentioning connecting signals to my arm muscles to control it. But I wasn't paying much attention then because I was looking at my hand

It's the one thing I'm very excited to get one day so i could actually use my left hand to at least hold a glass or pet a dog or basically anything people with 2 hands can do

syrvyx16 karma

Back in the day you would have been given a hook or something.

I'm glad we live in an era where science and technology may have a robotic solution so you can regain the abilities you lost. Everyone deserves to be able to give proper scritchins to pups!

magicisnotforanyone14 karma

Grandpa told me that back in his day they didn't have water or electricity. Look how far we've come, sending people to space, biotechnology etc.

I'm sure in 100 or 200 years the smart people will figure most of our issues and be able to fix them

chresus26 karma

Hey OP, my good friend was stabbed repeatedly by a drunk psychopath a couple of years ago. After almost dying, the doctors had to remove his entire arm to stop the spread of infection.

So before the incident, he was an overweight slob with no guidance in life. Now he's a fitness trainer who was on the cover of Men's Health magazine.

My point is that anything's possible. Go hard or go home.

magicisnotforanyone9 karma

First, very sorry about your friends unfortunate encounter, that sounds horrible

But what? He's a model now? I'll drink to that (well only water tho)

Before i lost my hand i had no goal in life and no aspirations, now i want to get big on twitch to buy myself a new hand and make it a career so i don't have to leech of my parents for life and repay them for all they've done for me

chresus2 karma

Then it seems to me you have your goal in life. I’ll be rooting for you, man. I’ll see you on the main stage some day - don’t give up!

magicisnotforanyone4 karma

Thank's mate i may have lost a hand but i got a new goal and hope

Rkenne1625 karma

You seem to be taking it in stride. That’s really impressive. Have you found anything to be easier now post injury?

magicisnotforanyone75 karma

Don't have to bother cutting my food for now cause someone always offers to do it for me

Also lost some of my past insecurities cause i got a larger one now, but that makes it kinda easier you know, only focusing on 1 from previous 250 gave me a boost, even though many wouldn't think of it like that lol

Rkenne1621 karma

As someone with anxiety issues, I kind of get what you’re saying. I’m typically worried about a million things and have trouble being present. If you give me 1 major issue to work on, I can kind of direct all my anxiety toward that and I’m much more in the moment. Good luck with the twitch!

magicisnotforanyone16 karma

Yes, exactly, it helps with anxiety in a way.

Thanks stranger I'll keep at it

Night_of_the_Slunk20 karma

Do you get any "ghost" feelings where your fingers used to be? Or have you tried to pick a glass of water up and just ended up punching the glass?

magicisnotforanyone50 karma

I get phantom pain a lot yes, and a lot of itching under my non existent nails lately.

And no, my hand hurts pretty much all the time so I'm very aware that it cannot be used

IAmTheAsteroid20 karma

Have you heard about or looked into mirror therapy for the phantom pain?

magicisnotforanyone9 karma

Will check it out

uhhshlay12 karma

Why did they decide to leave the thumb, and not do a full hand amputation??

magicisnotforanyone111 karma

So i could do some kinky shit in the bed

GrundleHuffer12 karma

Can you balance yourself on your nub yet?

magicisnotforanyone29 karma

Man i can't press the spacebar with it lol. But current goal is to do a 1000 sit ups in 1 go, after i do that i might try a handstand

GrundleHuffer2 karma

1k sit-ups... wow. That’s awesome

magicisnotforanyone11 karma

I can do a 100 now and another 100 after 5 min break atm, have a lot of free time so why not set a ridiculous goal like that, It's possible and I'll do it

GrundleHuffer5 karma

I can’t do anywhere near 100. Way better shape than I am.

magicisnotforanyone5 karma

Well I'm average height and cant gain weight easily so it's easier for my body type than others to do some stuff... But boy do i suck at running, that's not in my genes

AlCa191612 karma


magicisnotforanyone28 karma


poormilk6 karma

Croatia is amazing I hope to go back to Tisno this summer. Sorry about your hand bro, seems like you have a great attitude in life, that will take you a lot farther than a left hand :)

magicisnotforanyone8 karma

Yes my country is beautiful and nice people, glad you enjoyed your stay there.

Thanks for the kind words stranger :)

stabibilo3 karma

Drž' se matori, pozdrav iz Bg

magicisnotforanyone3 karma

Držim se bre poz iz Istre

Emerald_Triangle11 karma

Are you allright now?

magicisnotforanyone34 karma


nerankori7 karma

Bro my brain didn't figure out the perspective at first and was mortified that your left arm was as big as your head.

Anyway,how's the thumb holding up?

magicisnotforanyone2 karma

Ah, not that good, if you have a strong stomach go check my account history, a lot of gross stuff there, even pre op

Odd_Transportation127 karma

What are your plans to come out of this stronger?

magicisnotforanyone39 karma

Currently trying to become a twitch streamer and if it works out it'd be great, if not fk it, I'll find something new.

Also lost a lot of past insecurities because of gaining this one. Everyone stares, but I got some cool sunglasses so they don't bother me anymore

flybonzai6 karma

Does jerking it feel like a clumsy stranger?

magicisnotforanyone8 karma

Luckily i always did it with my non dominant hand

Samopal_Vzor585 karma

Did you drop the h from your name recently in order to save time typing and writing?

magicisnotforanyone14 karma

Nope, in my country the name is without the H, even though in other countries it would be considered a girls name.

It's actually one of the most popular names for newborn children in my country #17 on the list, just checked

Samopal_Vzor583 karma

Just my weird brand of humor, hope you're adapting well otherwise.

magicisnotforanyone5 karma

No worries mate lol, I'm feeling good, just ate fried chicken

AndForWar5 karma

You're so brave for doing this, man. Hope you have all the support, care, and love you need.

My question though, how much has the medical costs totaled so far? Also is there free healthcare or subsidy from where you are?

magicisnotforanyone18 karma

Actually only around 500$ even without any insurance, cause all citizens of my country have some type of healthcare, but not sure about that, my family did all the work setting it up when i was in hospital

badgerseattadpoles5 karma

On so many levels this sounds like a nightmare. I have two questions, one serious, one less so (you can decide which is less so, 'cos I'm having a hard time deciding tbh).

  1. If it was a work accident, how come you are needing to save for a prosthetic? Are you employers not liable (via their insurance). I'd defo be talking to a lawyer if you haven't already.
  2. Have you managed to gain sufficient skill with the other hand to be able to masturbate, or do you now use a flesh light or similar tool?

magicisnotforanyone13 karma

  1. Wasn't employed, but was helping a friend at some guys workshop and no one had insurance, only way to get money is a lawsuit and that takes years in my country

  2. Righty was always my companion in that matter so no issues there

Wolfir4 karma

Are you all right?

magicisnotforanyone44 karma

Yep, left is gone

M-2-M3 karma

What’s the most annoying aspect regarding strangers and your amputation?

magicisnotforanyone13 karma

Stares, but can't blame them, it's a rare occurrence to see something like that.

GladimoreFFXIV3 karma

Are you all Right now?

magicisnotforanyone2 karma


Snuffy17173 karma

So you're saying you're all right then?

magicisnotforanyone5 karma


simonbleu2 karma

I burned my dominant hand (2nd degree, luckily not third) not that long ago and I spend a few weeks not using that hand, first out of pain, then out of fear of an infction and... damn it was annoying. Specially when trying to clean my ass.

At what times do you miss your hand the most?

magicisnotforanyone8 karma

When i want to rewind a scene when im doing the unholy deed

TheMexicanJuan2 karma

Look at the bright side, you now have a permanent thumbs up!

My question is, are you experiencing any phantom limb feelings? Like actually “feeling” your missing fingers?

magicisnotforanyone3 karma

Yes, it hurts if i try thumbs down, so i must always thumbs up, also my blood type is be positive lol

And yes phantom pain is a feeling i feel constantly over the day sometimes for an hour or 2

yogalurver2 karma

Do you know how to a go fund me? I'm in.

magicisnotforanyone3 karma

Not available in my country, but i got a patreon and stream on twitch you can check if you scroll up a bit

Snuffy17171 karma

When someone asks you a question, do you every respond "I'm stumped?"

magicisnotforanyone3 karma

Sadly that pun doesn't work in my language, but i use some others

NativeMasshole1 karma

Any plans on getting a hook?

magicisnotforanyone6 karma

Aye aye captain, would be cool until i tried to scratch my balls

Rocket_Elephant1 karma

How often do you experience 'phantom pain' or other sensations in your now missing hand?

magicisnotforanyone1 karma

20-30 mins but sometimes it lasts for like an hour or 2

RaunchyBushrabbit1 karma

First and foremost I'm sorry to hear about your accident and I hope, despite losing your hand that you're doing ok otherwise.

Now onto the questions: How's masterbation? And What does a prosthetic cost?

magicisnotforanyone2 karma

  1. Lost left hand, but the plot twist is i always used my non dominant hand for it, so I'm good

  2. Can't say for sure cause i'll need a custom one made for me and the doctors told me we'll talk that after healing is over. Though my dad said 20k is his estimate from googling. I just hope i will be able to tie my shoes with it and that it looks badass

gdubh1 karma

Is your non dom hand getting more nimble already (for lack of a better word)?

magicisnotforanyone1 karma

Well i learnt how to hold a fork with it, so it's getting bettet

Spagett261 karma

It may just be the picture but if your forearm huge??

magicisnotforanyone3 karma

Just pic, I'm average

Malkevin1 karma

Have you accidently high fived or attempted to shake hands with your stump yet?

magicisnotforanyone3 karma

Well It's a left hand, so it's very uncommon to do that anyways lol. And the answer is no.

vooyyy1 karma

What preferences are you taking into consideration in selecting the type of prosthesis?

magicisnotforanyone2 karma

One that can move fingers and isn't there just for show, also would prefer if it looked badass

TizardPaperclip-12 karma

That really does sound a bit misguided.

What was your main motivation for getting your hand amputated?

magicisnotforanyone27 karma

Well it kinda hurt having all my bones grinded to bits and yeah....