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What are your plans to come out of this stronger?

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Is finance an art or science?

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Could a person in a coma survive through synthetically induced photosynthesis?

If that were possible, could we induce said coma for say astronauts on long-term flights to perhaps Mars to preserve energy instead of the (fan-favorite) cryo-sleep that is observed by certain organisms other than plants?

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Doesn't American education have a fundamental problem with student loan/debt? Why not develop a company that actually focuses on developing talent rather than dual track?

This might come across ignorant, though, lulling in young students with the allure of videogames to get into student loans sounds shady. How do you account for market saturation with the influx of millions of students in due time? How do you intend to pay these students, and how do you monetize it? If you're just offering materials for their loans, what makes you qualified?

Perhaps this is European bias and my angle is off. I apologize if so.

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Is the motivation behind this project economical or altruistic?