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Not an expert by any means, but one thing that helped my kid over the years was reinforcing the day's schedule; "today is Wednesday, it's a daycare day, dad will drop you off and I'll pick you up and then we can pick up a few things at the grocery store together. I'll spend the day at work and you'll play and learn with your friends. You can tell me all about it later! See you then!"

Taking the general approach of "see you later, this isn't a big deal at all" seemed to help him a lot. I also talk a lot about my work day, that I do it for a company that gives me money so we can buy food/house/clothes and that there are no toys/games/etc at work so it's boring for kids so daycare is much better for him today.

Good luck!

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One of my best friends is a CML survivor, from the mid-90s, before gleevec was a thing. Her brother was a perfect match for a BMT, and the procedure was done the day of her 16th birthday. Sweet sixteen! She's been in remission since, though not without some long-term health complications, which she just handles like it ain't no thing, because she's strong as fuck and one of the best humans on the planet.

She is an oncology nurse, working in a ward for leukemia and lymphomas and BMT, all in-patient treatments. Every day, she helps people through something she herself survived and she impresses me every day. She really helps people.

I think you'll do the same.

Best of luck!

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Keep it up every day and he'll learn the days of the week, learn the pattern of 5/2 week vs weekend, etc. Kids love pattern, routine and familiarity.

You can even start tonight with the same basic approach; good night, tomorrow is Thursday a daycare day, on Thursday mommy drops you off then you go to the library with daddy after daycare (or whatever!)

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This makes me wonder...are there good apps for smartphones that could help the blind? I'm thinking voice-commanded barcode/item recognition software, maybe even camera-based voice directions for navigating an unfamiliar space? I don't know, but I feel that the technology must be getting close to being able to provide a convenient, handheld tool to help the blind. Heck, the deaf too....voice to text directly on a screen to have conversations with pretty much anyone?

I'm off to Google now...I've never thought about this before!

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Airport and/or air safety issues. If an aircraft would be overweight with all passenger's luggage on board, they must remove it to get the plane within it's limits (otherwise it literally may not be able to take off). It's easier to remove luggage and send it later than to remove passengers. Luggage is very rarely lost...it's usually just delayed. Thing is, airports don't independently tag and track bags, so it's true that no one can tell you where it is in any given moment, but it doesn't really matter. It is tagged to your destination and will eventually get there. Obviously an airline cannot know if a plane will be overweight until all passengers have arrived and checked their bags (though estimates and models exist). Regional jets in particular are not designed to carry the full load that larger jets are, but must serve the same people so are often stuck with routing heavier luggage on later flights.