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This is my favourite AMA reply ever.

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I hope he doesn't answer this.

The last thing I care about in a browser is that the people who coded it go home at night, and in their personal time:

  • Support same-sex marriage
  • Want to ban abortion
  • Want to limit access to firearms
  • Want to build a wall

This all has shit-all to do with Firefox, or any other browser.

So what if Brendan Eich disagrees with me on some issues? I'm sure he agrees with me on a whole bunch of other issues. You can't expect people to agree with you on every single thing.

And to be clear: If it were proven that Brendan Eich had tried to bar homesexuals from employment at Mozilla, I'd fully endorse his ousting. But I have seen no evidence that he ever attempted anything of that nature.

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... my post was removed because I didn't provide evidence, even though no one had yet asked.

Proof is requested right there in the sidebar to the right. Check it again.

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$8. Per. Fucking. Month. — No Option to Buy.


If you want to purchase this app, the best alternatives are (according to this thread):


  • ToolWiz Photos: Purchaseable and ad-supported versions available. No spyware.

  • Snapseed: Free to use, but may contain spyware (Google).


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People with Usher syndrome would probably make pretty good ushers: Just silently shuffling people to their seats by touch without needing a flashlight.