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Oh man a couple tabs and a couple bowls at the peak and I totally understand the Truman show feeling. Felt like I was just a puppet trapped here and death was the only way to escape. I was just one of many faces of God and while talking with my friends it felt like I was talking to myself. Granted...it didn't help when I was having these thoughts my friend freaked out and just kept repeating "Whats next WHATS NEXT". freaked me the fuck out. I was like "HE KNOWS HE SEES IT TOO THAT CONFIRMS IT THIS SHIT IS REAL!" A couple Xanax and my mantra of "its ok i like this illusion let's just keep playing this game" helped me calm down but man that was rough.

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Well he tried to run out the door and the house was by a road so we had to hold him and calm him down lol. He just kept repeating "fuck you fuck you fuck you" as he clawed at my friend , he looked straight up possessed. That probably didn't help but we were all tripping and all I could think of was him getting hit by a car and id feel so guilty. It ended well eventually and he's good now but it really made me more cautious and to respect these substances. 2 tabs for his first psych experience was a little too much for him haha. Oh and by the way you're awesome and I wish you well.

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Did you at least get some money out of the work accident? Not that it makes it better but ya know.

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Draino for the body

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Be a Chad