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Is telling everyone that there's no jump scares really just a long-con setup to a major jump scare?

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What about when the patient consents but the law itself disagrees?

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Since when does legality inhibit tyranny?

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It's been almost an hour. Did you forget, or did Sinclair instruct you walk away from this one?

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I had to go look this up because I understand just how big the state is, but that population number seems absurdly small. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, it's 579,315 as of July, 2017. Wow.

Other fun facts: some 93% of that population is white, and about 84% is white, non-Hispanic. (Holy racial homogeneity, Batman!) Some 92% of the population 25 years or older have at least graduated high school, but only 26% have earned a bachelor's degree. There are just over 60k non-farm businesses in Wyoming, as of 2012, with about half owned by men and about 19k owned by women. Kinda curious who owns the rest, but around 4k are minority owned, and around 6k owned by veterans.