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well, you had the luck of your nationality and country you worked on tho. Here in Argentina the minimum salary is half the poverty line (at less than 300dls) and its been a while since i could find a job (im taking about crappy over.exploiting often unpaid-hours, kind of job) its pretty hard... (even if i had zero expenses and debts, no family to help either, it would take me, close to 12 years to get that much money dude...)

I do have an italian citizenship. But i have to claim it, and for that i need 4000+ euros to be those months in italy (which im trying to get, but currently dont have). So...sorry if some are indeed worried about money

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Thank you. Im doing my best to change that

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You should need to work in that website interface, it feels outdated and "resources" does not work.

Anyway, what sets you apart from the other companies?

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Dont you think basic human rights would be vastly better tho?

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I mean, life isnt really worth it if you miss any of those