Hello For this reddit ama you may call me James, it’s my middle name I work for a national environmental company who is working hard to combat the current covid-19 crisis. The reason for this Is I do to not want to talk about a current area in specific I have been too as to not to raise panic. I joined this profession shortly before the crisis erupted, I’ve been more busy in the past few weeks than my entire time joining this profession. Ask me anything about handling this crisis as hazmat tech.

Edit:this is my first AMA

Edit 2: sorry for slow replies I get a lot of phone calls for work and I’m currently in the field

Edit 3: thanks for the gold!

Edit 4: for all asking about how to join my profession I made a comment below with details.

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juscar1094 karma

For people asking about how to get a job in this field I recommend looking up the job “hazmat technician”. Usually all the training is provided upon hire where ever you go.

Also don’t expect only helping with just the crisis this job involves a wide scope of work and environments that you’ll be in.

Expect long hours hard work.

Saying this cause I did not expect everyone to dm is such mass lol.

teran85620 karma

Nobody get a hazmat tech job, hazmat finds you. No one ever leaves, you get recycled. Get training, education and experience become a water inspector and Bam out of nowhere you're in charge of the HHW, there's no getting out.

juscar376 karma

I felt this comment

dogmadisk421 karma

Just a serious thank you from all of us. You guys are the heroes of this crisis.

juscar200 karma

Thank you! Long hours so far and hoping ourselves we’re not gonna get it!

onebreathatatime27321 karma

What do you do? Meaning, I’m not too familiar with what decontamination work- getting rid of everything that has been in contact with a COVID-19 patient?

Also, what do you wear??? How do you stay protected?

juscar512 karma

PPE usually consists of a hazmat suit with a filtered respirator, gloves taped, and booties taped.

Every job is a little different, but the end job it trying to decontaminate every surface that has been in contact with a case or suspected case.

Air is usually scrubbed if it’s confined work space.

Decon to ourselves is lots of bleach to our ppe

agoraphobic_mattur77 karma

How is air scrubbed?

juscar173 karma

We use a air scrubber, basically it cycles air and cleans it, buts it’s rare we had to use it so far. Edit: imagine a giant fan box with a filter in it

Oldbayistheshit96 karma

It’s called a micro trap with a HEPA filter

juscar88 karma

Somebody know what I’m working with.

onebreathatatime2761 karma

Thanks for this. Are you worried for your own safety?

juscar191 karma

Immensely, the risk is high and facts are all over the place and developing daily. Thankful that we’re only doing mostly Decon on a massive scale and I’m not a medical professional handling treatment.

enpathy_none293 karma

I’m a custodian disinfecting schools. Do you and I both use similar chemicals??

We use a lot of quat and “aids” (red top) disinfecting wipes, as well as a backpack sprayer.

What more can I do to disinfect my building?

juscar441 karma

Same thing you’ve been doing just more often and things you wouldn’t think to clean due to politeness do it.

I told a man I needed his cell phone to wipe down cause it was sitting in a sick cases office.

Let me clean your damn phone or you’ll get sick.

i_got_skrimps106 karma

What process should we follow to clean phones?

juscar212 karma

If you have wipes I would wipe them regularly.

I wipe mine down when I get home, and on the job when I’m able. Using speaker phone and just thinking of it as a germ magnet is good practice.

i_got_skrimps82 karma

Diluted lysol and hand sanitizer. No wipes for days.


juscar66 karma

This works as well I’ve done this

Nancy_Bluerain217 karma

I run a petrol station in a small town, where pretty much everyone (except a precious few) completely ignore what’s going on, and many even laugh about it. They disrespect safety measures put in place, disregard guidelines and staff requests and other people.

What would you tell them if you met one of them (or many of them over the course of weeks)?

And also: thank you for doing what you’re doing! We would be screwed without you guys! Of course we already are, but this does put the control back into damage control.

juscar322 karma

If someone you know becomes sick with the virus, we recommend cleaning everything they have been near since you last saw them.

Also for the people who are ignoring it I recommend telling them to look up the news, and honestly say if I get sick could I endanger someone else?

I’m less worried about if I get it I’m young, but my girlfriend is the one I’m worried about getting sick, she is a CNA if I get her sick it has the potential to kill a lot of old people.

If a person gets it you have a chance to give it to your whole family. Think about getting others sick not just yourself.

TophatDevilsSon181 karma

I’m less worried about if I get it I’m young, but my girlfriend is the one I’m worried about getting sick, she is a CNA if I get her sick it has the potential to kill a lot of old people.


Think about getting others sick not just yourself.

I cant remember when the last time was that I respected someone so much so fast.

juscar133 karma

Thanks I guess, I also like cold beer 🍺

Lemonyhampeapasta184 karma

How many hours of training does one need to get a job decontaminating sites for COVID-19?

Is a GED enough education to apply it in the job training? What keywords on Indeed or LinkedIn should a resume contain?

juscar203 karma

If you message me privately I can dm you some companies that are doing this. As for training ged is fine for my company it’s 40 hour hazwoper training for Our company.

descending_angel79 karma

Can I dm you too? I'm interested in helping out in a meaningful way.

juscar80 karma

You may but I’ll be a little slow to reply but I’ll happily answer any questions.

descending_angel33 karma

Take your time! Hope you have a good day :)

juscar34 karma

Thanks currently waiting for my next call which should be tonight!

Waterrat22 karma

What are the most dangerous materials you have had to remove from an environment?

juscar90 karma

I’ve got minimal experience so far as I joined just before this crisis.

But so far acidic material with toxic vapors have been my worst day. I can’t remember the chemical specifically but we were instructed to change gloves and filters every 20 mins and were under supplied air.

Was a tipped over drum of unknown chemicals at a warehouse at the time.

Edit for spelling

Moldy_slug16 karma

I’m surprised they sent you into an unknown atmosphere with a filter respirator... that should automatically call for scba

juscar35 karma

It was on SCBA, I’m over loaded with questions so some I’m dumbing down or answering too fast. We only wore SCB for part of the spill until we identified the chemical was safe for vapor filters.

Thought I’d rather be under supplied if possible. We swapped to filters because we had a shortage of air tanks at the moment.

Edited for spelling

Moldy_slug19 karma

Whew okay, glad to hear they're giving you the proper gear. I've had to throw down with management once or twice about not sending our team in because we don't have SCBA and it was unknown atmosphere.

juscar24 karma

Ya that’s the constant fight I feel like, I really get mad when older managers or supervisors don’t fully understand PPE and are like, “Just do it.”

hazpat5 karma

I hope you do more than just 40hr. 40 hr hardly covers biohazards.

juscar8 karma

It’s more than that, mostly giving a short answer, for getting started 40 hour is out initial then it’s more after that.

Moldy_slug94 karma

Not OP, but I do work in hazmat.

Entry level work has basically zero education requirements. You will have 3-5 days of classroom training (generally paid for by the employer) plus 2-5 days of on-the-job training in specific tasks. Key training is HAZWOPEr, they will probably also require blood borne pathogens training.

Primary qualifications: dependable, good work ethic, good situational awareness, physical fitness (necessary for wearing respirator), detail oriented, don’t mind dirty work, good at following procedures, working within your own limitations

juscar46 karma

This is the ideal answer could a mod pin this?

pokimaneeeee151 karma

Have you ever full send farted inside your suit?

juscar230 karma

“That smell still haunts me”

My coworker after unzipping his suit after farted for 9 hours and working in one.

LifeMechanic275 karma

This is the best q&a

juscar72 karma

Thanks fam I try lol

calisto1111122 karma

I'm a nurse in a hospital and will be caring for Covid-19 patients. CDC keeps going back and forth between droplet vs airborne precautions, regular mask vs N95. I have a respirator at home with charcoal filter. Will that protect me from the virus?

juscar128 karma

I would look up your specs on your respirator and filter to know for sure if it’s for vapor and airborne chemical and what not, a lot of people have filters meant for dust and particulates and are really not wearing protection at all.

As for n95 face mask vs respirator a n95

N95 masks help but are no guarantee that drop lets or air will get too you your nose or mouth. Full seal will completely stop it.

We’re using gas masks because it’s Safest since we don’t have all the facts atm.

TLDR is masks help but gas mask is always safe.

RotaryJihad113 karma

Trying to find some joy in all this, any funny stories or just mindblowing bullshit that would give us some laughs?

What can an ordinary person do to make your day a little better? Do all the "thank yous" help or should we just quietly leave you some takeout and let you sleep when we see you?

juscar170 karma

This is the the stuff that makes friends lol.

We’re keeping dark humor close to us through all this, somebody’s already made “contagion jokes” jokes daily.

As to help us I’d say be don’t be spreading panic, and be extra careful if you work near and hazardous jobs that could need environmental services as were strained during this time and if we could not get called because you accidentally spilled over a “unknown white powder” that turns out to be sugar. We would appreciate it.

Also if you are forced to work and are still needed admits this crisis can pleases clean daily as that fights the virus before anyone is even needed. Just take a minute to Wipe down your keyboards and daily use items.

En0der102 karma

Does anybody know for sure for how long the virus stays "alive" in room temperature on every day surfaces like clothes, door handles, faucets or wooden furniture?

juscar121 karma

We have been checking the CDC daily for updates on this information, as well as if recontamination is possible after someone gets it.

We’ve been treating it as worse case for air, as for surfaces were treating it as serious as any serious blood borne pathogen.

Bleach and alcohol everything, if you can’t clean it we recommend getting supplies to clean it, if it’s electronics you made need to do it differently like aerosols or dry clean.

yeathatshouldvework11 karma

Can't you just quarantine the article in the garage and wait a week or 2 before using it again ?

juscar10 karma

This could work I suppose

CardsFan6942057 karma

I work in a grocery store, as does my wife. We’ve got 4 kids and are both worried about exposing the fam. Is it overkill or wise to have us come in through our basement door when we get home, put clothes straight into the wash and shower before heading upstairs to see everybody? We’re also considering her stopping work since she just works part time to further mitigate the risk of us both being exposed.

juscar69 karma

Wise, this is solid.

If you can survive with out the income I’d say go for it

Gastricbasilisk47 karma

What is your opinion on how the trump administration handled this situation? I'm Canadian and our government has been taking far more precautions than our next door neighbors, and many in the world believe they dropped the ball causing more panic.

juscar95 karma

Most of my supervisors and co workers believe that it’s being more fueled to panic than handled, the administrative response I think should’ve been on task before it has reached this point.

Mask shortages and repurposing faculty to make equipment for the the crisis should been in the works weeks ago. But I’m just the low man on the bar for a question like this.

Gastricbasilisk42 karma

Thanks for the answer. Honestly, from my experience the low man on the bar usually has the best perspective. I hope you guys can win this fight soon. Keep up the good work, stay safe and thank you!!!

juscar17 karma

Thank you! Stay clean!

Ikeelu45 karma

Hey! I decontaminate our ambulances at work prior to crews coming on shift and after every suspected patient. What are you guys using to decontaminate? We have a tri-jet fogger with vitaloxide solution. It's a machine that sprays the mist a pretty good distance and we just blanket the inside of the ambulance, gurney, all surfaces, doors and handles. I'd be curious to see what you guys use? I have video of our older system which we just replaced which is a antimicrobial spray with a electric static charge to cling to anything it passes by and hits surfaces not in the direct line of spray.

juscar38 karma

This is literally what we’ve been doing the digger is a god send for wide areas and offices. Aside from that we have a sprayer also with anti microbial and other it’s just lots and lots of bleach solutions.

Supplies are low so we’ve started to use more and more bleach solutions and alcohol solutions.

lolturtle41 karma

Do you foresee the cloth masks people are making at home being useful in the future? I’ve heard lots of groups making cloth covers to prolong usage of n95 masks.

juscar101 karma

For in public I believe it’s better than nothing. But you should be avoiding crowded areas.

The masks help the most by help stoping people from spreading rather more than catching.

zimin2030 karma

How’s the pay?

juscar74 karma

Not enough in my opinion, but I was never into working for big money.

I’m more worried about becoming sick and getting someone else sick.

But we’re essential personal so we need to be out there doing our jobs other wise it just helps make this situation worse.

batata4life29 karma

Do women find you sexy in the hazmat suit? And did you get some because of it?

juscar48 karma

Makes my butt look yellow.

PossiblyAMug13 karma

So... Yes?

juscar23 karma

Lol yes

Hbman20323 karma

What level of education and training have you attained? I’m was formerly a hazmat technician in the Army Reserves and hold a BS in Public Health with certificates in public health preparedness. Incident commander course, hazmat tech cert, etc

juscar21 karma

I hello! I’m former active duty! Was active for 3 years so aside from basic gas mask stuff you learn in basic most of my hazmat training as been from my company.

I also have some fire training.

My hazmat experience has been with Railroads and hazwoper.

We hold a lot of on the job and self classroom stuff. I’ve been doing this for about 6 months so far.

Hbman20310 karma


At lease you get to use it lol. I have been to multiple military hazmat schools and have a shit ton of civilian and military certs.

Never did my job outside of training. I’m actually applying to Law School over a MPH program.

juscar9 karma

Then you could probably work circles around me lol

Hbman20315 karma

Nah bro, you in the real fight. I’m on my next Netflix binge.

juscar12 karma

LMAO 🤣 IMDb thanks you for saving its reviews

lancelotschaubert22 karma

How do you lighten the mood?

juscar39 karma

Jokes, talking about what we’re gonna get to eat when we get home.

Dark humor is common around my circle. Helps keep your mind off everything being crazy.

TheKentuckyRifleman20 karma

I need to know what cleaning products legit work on the virus? Just because something says works on 99% of germs doesn't mean it sanitizes properly

juscar25 karma

The CDC answers are what we go off of. Alcohol and bleach solutions.

Cleaners like the cdc says work as well if you can get them.

Edit for spelling

creeksider18 karma

How do you typically decontaminate an infected area? Is it manual cleaning or do you use some kind of aerosolised process?

Keep up the good work btw!

juscar20 karma

Both actually it depends on the area and what specifically we’re deconing. But solution on rags, foggers, sprays, pretty much anything that will do our job at this point. Large stuff we may hose with a solution to cover everything quickly like large walls and floors in factories.

CoverYourSafeHand16 karma

Yesterday I came home with a load of groceries from Walmart pickup. My girlfriend spent two hours wiping down each individual item with Clorox wipes. Is that necessary for staying safe in your home?

juscar23 karma

It’s overkill, but from Walmart I would do it myself honestly lol.

But in all reason if it’s already bagged or boxed your fine. It’s stuff like the apples that 30 something people have handles you should wash.

tungvu25614 karma

i see people in hazmat suits spraying themselves. is that Lysol?

juscar25 karma

It’s usually a bleach solution or anti-microbio solution. It’s to decon them selves. So that way they don’t infect themselves coming out of there get up.

tridbjs14 karma

How long does it take to put a suit on? How does it affect bathroom situations where you’re at?

juscar23 karma

Pretty much when your in your in. There no bathroom till you decon. Then decon your equipment.

Takes about 20 minutes to get it on and taped. Then a lot longer to take off.

Taking it off we’ve been standing in little kiddie pools while are decon team sprays us down.

CloberReeseArden13 karma

Is it safe for kids of divorced parents to shuffle around parents and cities? Should their kids stay at one home until this is over?

juscar29 karma

Kids are the mother of all sick spreaders in my opinion so keeping them in clean areas and away from people other than there parents who are taking care of them would limit there chances of getting sick.

If a parent gets sick it gets the kid sick, If a kid gets sick at school he gets other kids sick which in turn gets another household sick.

Alex_ragnar12 karma

hello, how do you avoid not being in panic during this situation? thanks in advance for your answer and thank you for your work

juscar17 karma

Honestly for me I just keep taking one day at a time and think what I’m gonna do to relax at home till the chaos starts the next day.

President_Troll11 karma

What do you admit most about Covid?

juscar29 karma

It’s not a scary enough name.

Like the Black Plague sounded way cooler and scarier.

Raidthefridgeguy11 karma

Do the suits only get worn once or do they get cleaned and used again somehow?

juscar15 karma

We’re thankfully not that strained yet so we’re using them once and done for each job. But we do clean and reuse if it’s possible

pattperin11 karma

How can I get this job? I have a TON of experience with decontaminating things, wearing tyvek, respirator, whole nine yards. I used to apply novel agricultural chemicals to see if they are safe for consumption and the residue limits were VERY tight so I had to not cross contaminate and disinfect everything. I'd be kick ass at this job.

juscar6 karma

I’d say google environmental company’s like I’ve stated above.

A lot of them are big so you apply online.

justinpmorrow9 karma

Is this you?is this you?

juscar9 karma

That’s not far off.

Norgeroff9 karma

What color is your toothbrush?

juscar19 karma

Blue with a hint of white

dogmom20208 karma

Hi! Any advice on this? What needs to be done to decontaminate the house? I’m worried about my immuno-compromised elderly parents.

juscar17 karma

I’m not a medical professional so I can answer every to your specific situation, best I can say is to shower every time your coming back to your house after you leave it, And wash your clothes.

I’d also suggest anyone who goes to see them if they aren’t leaving the house to wear a mask. That way they don’t bring there own germs to them.

sumy0ng8 karma

What PPE do you have when you are on the job?

juscar12 karma

Are standard for Decon atm is a gas mask filtered respirator and tyvek hazmat taped with gloves and booties.

We’re not taking chances with half face masks or non full seal.

Kalanthil7 karma

What's it smell like in the suit?

juscar12 karma

Swamp asssss, thank god for a gas mask I can’t smell myself

ActionJackson15667 karma

I’m an ICU nurse in Houston. We have been told to reuse our droplet masks and gowns. What do you think the safest way is to do this?

I’m betting my own PPE is what’s going to get me sick eventually

juscar9 karma

Honestly I’m sure how to answer this question, but I think it still better than nothing.

ermdpcnot7 karma

Do you have small children at home? Is family life at home being affected by you being infected?

juscar11 karma

Thankful I don’t have kids atm, But sadly my sister does and my household watches him regularly.

arthurpreis7 karma

How is the day-to-day activites (non-pandemic)? Is there someone always on call to go to the accident site?

Did you ever do crime scenes? Or is that ouside your line of work.

Also, have you worked on a Superfund (or your country's equivalent) site? Where does that massive amount of waste goes?

juscar5 karma

Day to day is more strained I say because we have our past work load somewhat still there but a massive workload on top of it.

Caddy6666 karma

How often do you play that funky music?

juscar17 karma

Till I die!!!!!

galaxystarboss6 karma

How do you make sure you stay safe?

juscar11 karma

By taking everything about this seriously and take every situation as it comes smartly.

miganeko6 karma

Do you see UV-C lights as viable option to decontaminate masks to make them reusable?

juscar6 karma

We haven’t used them in my experience, which decon are mask with wipes after use and before use every time.

Bungerh6 karma

it is said that the virus only spreads through dropplets when somebody coughs or sneeze .. but it's that really the only way ?

If yes, so why everybody in Asia is wearing masks right now ?


juscar17 karma

Part of it is panic and hysteria but because those germs get spread and the facts on airborne spread are little thin.

Masks help when your in crowds both you spreading and getting. But like some medical professionals are finding out you can do everything right and still get it.

So taking precautions helps

DasCrouton6 karma

My company has said they closed down one of the buildings for a deep clean, and explained that they used a "special machine that kills COVID-19" in order to do so. Can you offer any insight as to what such a machine might be? The company won't actually tell us what's been employed to do so.

juscar4 karma

May have been a fogger. But I I would still take care because that’s not saying that it couldn’t be spread around again.

glittersnifffeeerrr6 karma

I work as an RN at a psych hospital and have been on medical leave for the last 6 months. I’m supposed to go back to work soon (~2 weeks) and am terrified. I’ve really been out of the loop and am getting second hand info from some of my coworkers. The communication from our administration is severely lacking and we are being discouraged from wearing masks and gloves. I’m at least young and healthy but my partner is immunocompromised and his dad is an elderly smoker and they both live with me. What can I do when I come home to protect them?

juscar15 karma

Honestly I would say if you have any medical authority to tell that there not taking precautions if your essential personal.

Don’t let your employer put your loved ones at risk.

shaundejesus5 karma

Is it safe to go out for a jog? I live in cali

juscar13 karma

So long as your away from other people yes.

GraphicsFile5 karma

If I wear N95 mask & the virus gets on it. If I leave it for 7 days. Will the virus have died? If it does, can I wear it again? If I can, can I keep doing that for months?

juscar10 karma

I would recommend no. Just for safety.

GraphicsFile5 karma

Should I be worried about getting covid from the food I buy from the grocery store? Eating it or touching it?

juscar10 karma

No you should be fine as long as your cleaning your produce like veggies and stuff you grab off a rack.

JumpyMathematician05 karma

What's your biggest concern with this new virus?

juscar21 karma

People think this is a hoax, those are dumb people and should be avoided.

yummypeanutjelly4 karma

What part of the world are you working in?

How come when this first started in China you saw people falling over, having seizures, etc.. Yet in North America there has been no such cases. What is making this drastic difference in symptoms?

juscar6 karma

I’m not a medical professional so I can’t confidently answer this one.

hazpat4 karma

What are you doing that is covid related? I have never seen anyone use hazwoper for pathogen cleanups, seems shady and outside the scope of the limited training.

juscar6 karma

Mostly just offer cleaning services to business places that are extra worried admit the panic but don’t want to get sick cleaning it. That’s the short answer

speech_freedom3 karma

Do you have enough masks?

juscar4 karma

So far yes we’re watching diligently, we are mostly using respirators with filters so the reuse isn’t too bad. we just need to keep up with a supply of filters other than that we should be fine on our end we think.

Wroberts3163 karma

For the companies that are not necessary and are trying with every fiber of their being to stay open, what would you say to them?

juscar10 karma

If your not essential personal as defined by homeland to keep our country running, or help with the crisis.


willworkfordopamine3 karma

What’s your thought process to muster up the courage to work in such a high risk area?

juscar7 karma

This is a hard question I ask every morning and call I get for a decon job. Basically I just keep telling myself “at least you got a job in the crisis” and “someone got to do it”.

Not what I signed up for but it’s the job.

aprilla2crash3 karma

What's in those bug bomb style things they use for the superbugs?
I watched a guy with a hazmat and what looked like a oxygen supply and a sealed room

juscar3 karma

That is probably insecticide and tyvek suit.

You don’t have to be hazmat tech to work around hazardous materials.

batmanalel3 karma

So I work at a pharmacy and we're exposed to sick patients without PPE. I luckily have an n95 mask already, but what's the most effective way to wash my clothes coming home from work? I always shower immediately after coming home from work but I'm afraid washing my clothes normally may not cut it

juscar3 karma

That’s enough I would also recommend eye pro.

willgiffotron3 karma

How bad is it seeing it in reality? Is it similar to the common cold or is it worse or what?

juscar6 karma

Thankfully I’m not a medical professional so I m only around areas patients have been and not the patients themselves.

charlesjwk2 karma

Hello. Thank you for your hard work at these trying times. I’m a medical resident physician in New York City hospital. We’re scrambling around to find some hazmat suits for our resident physicians. Are there any extra supplies for us? We are a class of 200 physicians.

juscar2 karma

I’m not sure where I can direct you.

juscar2 karma

That sounds like us there probably a decon team.

juscar2 karma

I’m not a medical professional so I can’t comment on the article.

As for sunlight question no, you should wash.

bigsweaterenergy2 karma

Will homemade/DIY masks work in case they run out of proper ones?

juscar2 karma

Somewhat there better than nothing.

wwwSTEALTHYcom2 karma

I’ve been trying to get an answer here on Reddit for a while now and can’t! Maybe you can answer me.

Why is it so difficult to find a vaccine, specifically for COVID-19?

juscar2 karma

I’m not a medical professional so I can’t answer that.

emmascorp2 karma


juscar3 karma

I would consult a medical professional.

candyeakamimi1 karma

Is it blown out of proportion.?? Like is the media causing un needed panic.??

juscar17 karma

The media is totally causing unneeded panic, but people still need to take this seriously.

But the media should not be telling people to stock up on unneeded items so people can’t get it who need it.

We needed batteries for our equipment and someone bought all them. My coworker said the new ran a story and suggest people stock up on them. You don’t need batteries if you get sick you need medicine and tissues like any other sick human being.

I am not a medical professional.

But if some one you know has been contagious and has been walking around and working in your workplace we come to make it safe again.

escapedthenunnery1 karma

Any kind of folks you think are not suited to this type of work? Obv for you any potential negatives are outweighed by the positives so far, but any warnings or at least things to consider for people considering this line of work, that many people might not think of?

juscar2 karma

Work requires a psychical, and lung test.

It’s also hard works.

So heavy physical demand. Any immune system problem usually means you’re not cut out for it.

whothatbitch1 karma

What kind of decontamination practices should I adopt in my house? Bleach is not a commonly available cleaning item where I live.

juscar3 karma

I recommend as soon as you get home take a shower and wash your clothes.

That’s the CDC recommendation.

Also whip down regular use items you use daily outside your home, car steering wheels, phones, things people touch everyday.

TheJaundicedEye1 karma

What does "working admits" mean?

juscar5 karma

Working during this crisis. Sorry spell check changed my amidst time it. Fat fingers

Lincoln_Park_Pirate0 karma

Shouldn’t you be working?

juscar1 karma

Lol shssshhhhh