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For people asking about how to get a job in this field I recommend looking up the job “hazmat technician”. Usually all the training is provided upon hire where ever you go.

Also don’t expect only helping with just the crisis this job involves a wide scope of work and environments that you’ll be in.

Expect long hours hard work.

Saying this cause I did not expect everyone to dm is such mass lol.

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PPE usually consists of a hazmat suit with a filtered respirator, gloves taped, and booties taped.

Every job is a little different, but the end job it trying to decontaminate every surface that has been in contact with a case or suspected case.

Air is usually scrubbed if it’s confined work space.

Decon to ourselves is lots of bleach to our ppe

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Same thing you’ve been doing just more often and things you wouldn’t think to clean due to politeness do it.

I told a man I needed his cell phone to wipe down cause it was sitting in a sick cases office.

Let me clean your damn phone or you’ll get sick.

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I felt this comment

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If someone you know becomes sick with the virus, we recommend cleaning everything they have been near since you last saw them.

Also for the people who are ignoring it I recommend telling them to look up the news, and honestly say if I get sick could I endanger someone else?

I’m less worried about if I get it I’m young, but my girlfriend is the one I’m worried about getting sick, she is a CNA if I get her sick it has the potential to kill a lot of old people.

If a person gets it you have a chance to give it to your whole family. Think about getting others sick not just yourself.