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Really? Over 2K14?

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Hey! I decontaminate our ambulances at work prior to crews coming on shift and after every suspected patient. What are you guys using to decontaminate? We have a tri-jet fogger with vitaloxide solution. It's a machine that sprays the mist a pretty good distance and we just blanket the inside of the ambulance, gurney, all surfaces, doors and handles. I'd be curious to see what you guys use? I have video of our older system which we just replaced which is a antimicrobial spray with a electric static charge to cling to anything it passes by and hits surfaces not in the direct line of spray.

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Good to hear we are using similar equipment, makes me more confident that it's working. We got it around the time the ebola breakout starting resurfacing. We managed to get about 22 of these newer machines in the bay area and I think they will be distributed out in the very soon. We have had people going to CHP and other facilities to train them on how to use it to keep them safe. Not sure how we became the poster child for it, but sure glad we are.

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Do the diners actually pay for the meal? I know early on in every season the restaurant is shut down early and I want imagine them asking people to pay with there being a chance of this.

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As a over weight male i'm curious how exactly yoga helped with your eating disorder? I'm probably way too embarrassed to do yoga myself, but just curious what about it helps.