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What’s it like wasting two years of your youth on a fantasy?

Will you ever look into the uranium and money Clinton received from Russia?

How about investigating how these politicians on a 150k yearly salary end up being multi millionaires while holding office? The math just doesn’t add up.

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Please don’t be suicidal, tends to happen to people investigating these powerful pedos.

Thanks for doing this, more people should be aware of these sickos running free.

My research led me to believe he was a honey pot mossad/c1a asset with the goal of blackmailing powerful people with influence, any legitimacy to this?

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How do you feel about all the reddit censorship? Especially in favor and for the Chinese dictatorship. Removing anything unfavorable for the Chinese government regarding Honk Kong, Chinese camps, Chinese organ harvesting, surveillance state, being by far the #1 world pollutant.

Is it common to call those who hold a different opinion than yours a “troll”? Is anyone who disagrees with you and challenges your world view considered a “troll”?

In your experience, with companies like Crowdstrike and shareblue, would you say it is the left or the right that has more paid shills present online to correct the record?

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Yes, because refugee crimes are not reported as such. Or this whole house of cards would fall down.

Also, I will use whatever source as long as it is proper journalism. You want me to use CNN or one of your propaganda pushing leftist rags?

Sweden has become the laughing stock of the world, you guys are destroying your own history, just the other month I was reading how you were melting down Viking artifacts.

Cognitive dissonance is strong with you.

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I think you should educate yourself, because you’re either lying to us, or to yourself.