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I will point out that that's 10-20% of identified cases. As the doctor said, we don't know what proportion of infections go undetected but it's not insignificant. The percentage of infected people requiring hospital care is almost certainly well below 10%.

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Not OP, but I do work in hazmat.

Entry level work has basically zero education requirements. You will have 3-5 days of classroom training (generally paid for by the employer) plus 2-5 days of on-the-job training in specific tasks. Key training is HAZWOPEr, they will probably also require blood borne pathogens training.

Primary qualifications: dependable, good work ethic, good situational awareness, physical fitness (necessary for wearing respirator), detail oriented, don’t mind dirty work, good at following procedures, working within your own limitations

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He did say community members get a stipend for spending money. No idea how much it is. But it wouldn’t have to be much if they had community vehicles, camping gear, etc. Travel isn’t always airplanes and expensive hotels.

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I'm curious about this too.

In particular, I've had a couple of instances where I tried to get help from a therapist on some very emotional relationship problems with friends, and the therapist suggested I felt that way because I was secretly attracted to the friend. The implication being that I wouldn't be that emotionally attached unless there was a romantic/sexual element.

It was very alienating, and I'm wondering how common that line of thinking is in the mental health profession. Platonic friendships are literally the most important relationships in my life... it sucks to not have that taken seriously.

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Household hazardous waste. Usually a program run by local government to safely dispose of hazardous waste from residents and small businesses.