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CloberReeseArden13 karma

Is it safe for kids of divorced parents to shuffle around parents and cities? Should their kids stay at one home until this is over?

CloberReeseArden2 karma

Parents aren’t following this unfortunately.

CloberReeseArden2 karma

Does that mean they should stay in one place? I am not a divorced parent, but I know a lot of them, and they are all sharing their kids with their exes, who have their own kids from other exes who are sharing them too.

CloberReeseArden2 karma

Not my situation. My concern is the spread of the virus and I see parents everywhere doing this. Why is it okay to do this? I can only conclude that the virus is not so dangerous otherwise parents would keep their kids in one home.

CloberReeseArden1 karma

So if that’s fine, can I go to and from my friends’ houses?