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Do you foresee the cloth masks people are making at home being useful in the future? I’ve heard lots of groups making cloth covers to prolong usage of n95 masks.

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Hey that's awesome! I love using sublime and also listen to classical/EDM when I code.

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So when you work with recovering addicts do you help them learn to live with out drugs or to live with an manageable drug intake?

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Thank you for doing this AMA. I just found out that my dad is going blind. He has calcium deposits on the back of his eye and is slowly losing his peripheral vision at this point, but there is a chance he will go completely dark in the next couple of years., after reading through what you've said it looks like these glasses won't help someone who can't see at all. So my question is, what are some helps/ resources for someone who is newly blind? It's a scary new reality for him and it's making him quite depressed. I keep trying to figure out how to help him.

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I was attempting to demonstrate the hypocrisy.