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That reminds me of the time I had my mom buy me Conker’s Bad Fur Day for N64. I told her ahead of time everything that was in the game.

We walked up to the counter with the box and the guy said to her “You do realize this game has-“

She cut him off and said “Yea, I know. He told me all about it.”

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Oh yea, I agree. The story wasn’t meant to put down the employee, rather just tell about a similar experience I had with my mother. She was pretty awesome.

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Which one wins in a fight, a roomba or a Corgi? The Corgi has heterochromia if that affects the odds at all.

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If you lost a friend because you got rejected, then you weren’t trying to be friends with them in the first place. Try to be friends with someone without expecting it to progress to something else.