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As a bad guy, did you ever test your ability to complete your tasks in the face of aggressive resistance from your victims?

In other words did you find "run, hide, fight" to be an effective strategy at deterring your efforts as the bad guy?

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Trying to find some joy in all this, any funny stories or just mindblowing bullshit that would give us some laughs?

What can an ordinary person do to make your day a little better? Do all the "thank yous" help or should we just quietly leave you some takeout and let you sleep when we see you?

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And not smoking around aerosolized fuel holy fuck. If you haven't watched the video of that, don't.

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Is there a professional, such as a specialist lawyer or accountant, that could be hired to help a medically complex patient navigate the financial side of healthcare?

My question is absurd, we shouldn't HAVE TO hire a professional specialist to read and settle a bill. I ask because I have friends with chronic illness who just need an assistant to deal with insurance. I can't help directly, I don't know how, but if such a professional existed I'd happily hire them for a friend.

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Is this a systemic flaw; just how prison works OR is this a flaw in how prisons are operated? Is there such a thing as a "not going to cause trouble" unit which is separate from the "total shitheads" unit?