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Check these guys out. Find your local chapter and get in contact with them. Wife caught hers early.

https://coloncancercoalition.org/ I’m a frequent contributor.

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My brotha! Hopefully soon I can join you as a former TV person. Industry is a soul-sucker and I want out in the worst way. Yes, the wind lean is completely unnecessary. Hell, most reporter involvement is unnecessary unless you're covering the human aspect. Between webcams, radar and other tech goodies, everything that needs to be covered is taken care of. There is nothing to be gained by seeing you standing in the elements. Nothing.

These asshats are just in this for a killer demo reel. Those colleagues I have left in this business need to grow a sack and tell their news directors that they'll go ONLY if the boss goes.

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IRS has entered the chat.

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Why should we defend kids who came here illegally when their parents have known all along the consequences of not seeking legal status?

One of my next door neighbors is single, no kids and illegal (Mexico) and has lived next to me for 16 years. No idea how long he has been in the country before then. His brother, who owns the house and is legal, told me "he just didn't see the need to be legal".

Once their cell phone bill came to my house and it was in their daughter's name. She's six years old.

We're a nation of laws and rules. When people choose to ignore those laws of civilized society, why should I care if something bad happens to them?

Immigration lawyers are profiting HUUUGE over this and you know it.

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Ever hang around the gymnasium?