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I'm posting this here as well as r/aldi, there are some good questions there at the moment. I don't know how to x-post, and am not going to dive into how right now.

Hello, as the title says I've been working for Aldi for 4 years now (it'll be 5 in a few more months!)

Given the state of things right now, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you loyal Aldi shoppers, as well as answer any questions you might have.

Seriously, you guys have been the best. This week has been crazy busy, but almost every single person I've encountered has been so kind and understanding. Me, and all of us that work for Aldi appreciate it. Your simple "Thank you for being here" or "you guys are doing great" do more for our morale than you think.

But, all that said, this has been a taxing time for all of us. I know it, you know it, and the higher-ups at Aldi know it as well. They recently enacted a $2/hour pay bump for all employees, and have (from what I've seen) been increasingly flexible regarding when people cant make it in because of child care, or health concerns.

In regards to health/cleanliness, we stepped up our cleaning like a week ago as this was all getting real in my area. We have more time alloted to clean per day, with certain tasks that are done:

-constantly =Washing/sanitizing hands between transactions =disinfecting the order divider sticks

-hourly =disinfecting card readers

-5 times daily =disinfecting all door handles =disinfecting cart handles

-daily =disinfecting store equipment (the bread dollies, jack handles, walkie talkies, all that stuff)

All of these are the minimums we currently have. I know at my location, we try to wipe every cart handle when swapping carts, as well as the card readers when it isn't a contactless payment.


-If able, be at the store when it opens. The truck ~should~ be fully worked, and as long as you ask nicely, we are happy to check on whatever hasn't been done yet.

-When loading your cart onto the checkout belt, start with your large and heavy items. (Gallons of milk, juice, 10lb bags of potatoes) followed by boxes of frozen goods. They stack nicely, and wre typically not going to be damaged by things like cans which I would recommend putting up next. (When everything calms back down, and you can buy entire flats of cans, or youre getting flats now put full flats up first). Qfter cans I would put things like cheese, glass jars, and butter. The stuff you don't want to break but can handle some hard knocks. After that, your fragile stuff. Produce, bread, chips, and eggs. Try to group everything as much as possible, and I personally don't mind having split cases of cans, especially if you take the time to let me know.

-Bring a quarter. Please. If you don't, please ask a cashier for one. If they deny you one, PLEASE escalate. I know it can be hard to navigate with a cart when it's busy, but if you have more than 1 bag worth of stuff it's going to slow us down at the front end. (This is as much a tip as it is a plea for help) and please, dont ask to just "borrow the cart for a second" If you need a cart, just get one. We do need all of the carts we have uo front, and when we see an order that we know will clog the line we offer ours.

FAQ: Q: What days do you get shipments? A: Most stores get trucks in every day, and we try to have everything out before store open. To find out for sure, ask a team member at your favorite location.

Q: When are you getting TP, sanitizer, wipes etc. back in? A: That depends. At my store, we've been getting toilet paper in most days. Usually a pallet of one of the higher volume sellers, and about 15 units of the big 30 roll packages. It all depends on how much your stores warehouse has/had on hand. For sanatizer, wipes, and all that? It'll probably be awhile. The folks who make those are busy beyond belief just trying to keep up with the medical industry's needs.

Q: Why don't you have the milk I like? A: I was told the dairy industry made the decision to focus on the highest volume milks like 2%, so skim and 1% may be harder to find. We are still receiving them, but not in the quantities we are ordering.

Q: Why should I believe anything you have to say? What do you know? A: I am just a shift manager, but I have a pretty solid understanding of how Aldi runs. I hate telling you guys no or that we don't have something as much as you hate to hear it.

Q: Wow, has the world gone crazy or something? You guys have been wiped out! A: I guess so, I'm sorry we didn't have what you needed today.


I wanted to share all of this because I know many of you are as unsure of what comes next as we are, but we are trying to do what we can to make this a little easier. I'm sure I'm coming off as a shill, but I love working for Aldi. So, sorry for rambling, but AMA. I can't answer specific questions regarding sales numbers and the like, but am happy to answer anything else.


Thank you for being here, how can I help you?

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I've had so many amazing interactions, I can't really narrow it down to just one.

One that got to me today was when a customer covered the order of the person in front of them. It was an $87 cart, and they were so discreet about it. Being able to tell someone that their grocery bill has already been paid, and and seeing that realization wash over them is pretty awesome.

That doesn't happen every day by any means, but when it does it renews my faith in humanity.

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I read a post of a hospital employee who left work and went to the store. The man in front of her in checkout waved her up and told her he could tell she worked in the medical industry, so he was paying for her groceries. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

Aldi_AMA11 karma

That's awesome! My faith in humanity is making a slight comeback.

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Thanks! Take care, and take your vitamins!

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I went shopping a couple days ago, but I'm curious and bored.

  1. How worried are you about getting sick?

  2. What more do you think you should be doing?

  3. How long would you wait to go shopping if you just need a couple things?

Aldi_AMA99 karma

  1. Kinda? I've always been pretty good about taking vitamins, and cleanliness. I've been taking more supplements to boost my immune system, and have been watching what I eat more.

  2. I guess I should probably be wearing a mask. I probably interact with about 200 people in the first 4 hours we're open, not to mention I stock all the fresh produce. Gloves probably aren't enough, even if I don't sneeze or have a cough.

  3. It depends on what you're looking for. Right now, I'd start looking early for pasta, canned goods, and fresh meat. We've also had issues with certain types of milk if you/the people you're shopping for are picky. I was told the dairy farms are prioritizing 2% over all the other types, but we've been able to get in 1%, 2%, and whole in the full gallons. The only one we've been REALLY limited on is the full gallons of skim. We have gotten half gallons, but not enough to make up for the demand. A lot of people are also surprised about our bread selection. It takes like a week for bread to be ordered/come in. That should (hopefully) balance out in a couple more days, but it's still pretty hard to gauge.

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Do you distance yourself from people? Because it kinda bothers me that the cashiers here don't step back when I need to use the card reader. I know you can't really leave your station and it's impractical when busy, but I've been going at non-busy times and wish people would respect the 6-foot bubble rule. It's good for all parties involved.

Aldi_AMA2 karma

I do my best, but the way we are set up makes it very difficult. I've stopped handing people their recipt though, opting to let them grab it for themselves. I've had a couple people mention the 6 foot rule while ringing their order up, but I can't be 6 feet away when they're handing me cash.

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Thanks for carrying whole milk and goat cheese and I hope you get goat milk and A2 milk someday. Be safe.

Aldi_AMA2 karma

Goat milk would be awesome! But I have to confess, I have no idea what A2 is.

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So idk how to edit the title or post on mobile, but I've been with Aldi for over 4 years. Ive worked retail previously, and the Karens all seem to be staying home lately.

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Yeah, they're already stocked or sending other people to shop. I know my problem customers by face and name after 4 and a half years. Also, glad to hear the pay bump. No such luck for me, but hours are uncapped so I'm getting 50+ weekly. Overtime is nice too

Aldi_AMA2 karma

Overtime is great right now, take care!

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In the UK Aldi workers and grocery workers in general have had very different experiences with shoppers. In some cases extreme verbal hostility have been shown due to the frustration of products not being available or some price increases from suppliers. Have you made any preparations to counter hostile shoppers and the hoarding that is evident in Europe? Will you be getting the screens that are starting to show up in stores?

You and your kin are 100% part of the front line right now, you have our respect keeping us clean and fed in these tough times. Stay safe and please keep up the great work that you and the team behind you are doing!

Aldi_AMA42 karma

I've worked retail for years, so I guess experience has already prepared me for the most hostile of customers. I've had people shit on the floor on Christmas Eve, scream in my face, and call me every name there is.

There are already people hoarding here, but we have set pretty strict limits on most things that they go for. I personally have no problem enforcing the 2 cases of water or 4 cans of corn rules. The only thing I've let slide is tomato paste, because those cans are way too small. I've let 2 people get out with 6 cans of that.

I doubt we'll get the shields here, but I certainly wouldn't be upset if we do. Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate the time you took to share.

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I noticed that even last week, Aldi had signs up limiting purchases on canned goods and TP. This week, a coworker told me that Sam’s club and others still hadn’t, and that people were coming out of the stores with 2-3 carts full of toilet paper. (I don’t get the TP hoarding at all). Good job, Aldi!

Aldi_AMA6 karma

We've done pretty good so far! Hopefully our supply chain starts running a bit more smoothly so we can relax some limits soon.

picklesandmustard2 karma

It sounds like overall you’re having a positive experience right now with all this corona business going on, which is great. As a new-ish resident to the Midwest (I’m from the south), midwesterners are, overall, the nicest people ever. I’m glad people are keeping it up amongst the chaos.

Aldi_AMA2 karma

So far so good! Take care and stay safe!

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If employees have to stay home because they’re in a vulnerable population, do they lose pay, or get fired, or have to use sick days, or are they allowed to skip because things are so unprecedented right now?

Aldi_AMA75 karma

I'm actually not 100% on pay when electing to stay home. I for sure know that no one will be fired for it. Policy says you can use personal days at pretty much any time for any reason though, if needed. Recently (within the last couple days, they're all blending at this point) we had a team member come to us because they weren't comfortable working around so many people, but we were able to work out them coming in when we aren't open and still maintain their full time status so insurance and such doesn't lapse.

Tangently related, Aldi has an employee relief fund. I haven't read all the details, but I think it was set up for natural disasters and the like. I wouldnt be surprised if they made those funds available to those affected by this crisis though.

If someone needs a day or 2 to recharge, we've been telling them to just let us know when they're good to go again. A lot of the people I work with have been volunteering to help cover shifts, and have just been so understanding. Not all stores have people like that, but we've been lucky so far.

davesoverhere13 karma

Thank you for being so human with your employees; so often that's not the case. Years ago, when my father dies, I called in, and my manager told me to take as much time as I needed and let them know when I was ready to come back. I knew before I made the call that work wouldn't be an issue, but I wasn't expecting that level of understanding and flexibility. It made the stress of the time so much lower. I guarantee your additude is part of the reason so many are willing to cover the shifts.

Aldi_AMA5 karma

I've work with mean and bad management, and I swore I would never be like that. It's too easy to be kind, and the impact it can have is tremendous. Take care of yourself and stay safe!

chloramphenicosis20 karma

As a resident physician, I’m often not available during business hours. The one time I was available to shop my local grocery store was out of water. What can we as healthcare workers do to ensure that we are able to secure groceries?

Aldi_AMA7 karma

Unfortunately, the best advice I have right now would be grocery delivery. I wish I had a better solution for you. Thank you for your work.

Inactive_Account16 karma

You mentioned that people are being nicer to you. Is it significantly better? Was there a turning point in the last week or two when people started taking this more seriously?

I cashiered during the brunt of the recession days before hurricanes hit (a similar panic, but short duration). Nobody was telling the customers to be nice to us. I remember having a pack of hotdogs thrown at me because they weren't on sale. I'd be glad to hear that people are finally realizing that their cashier is a human being.

Aldi_AMA4 karma

It is significantly better. It all seemed to happen overnight, when they closed restaurants and bars. I think that's when people realized how serious this all is.

Bearcats08711 karma

Which hours are the least busy for you?

Aldi_AMA22 karma

Skip 9-11, and 3-6. Other than that its pretty quiet, at least on week days. On weekends, right now, it's pretty much a dice game. Best time is Tuesday, from noon to 4ish. There is almost no one there. (This does vary, if your division is a Sunday Ad change, it will be a bit busier, but still your best bet) also Tuesday gets a big truck to restock from the weekend sales, so most things should be in stock.

OnlySeesLastSentence10 karma

Skip 9-11

Too bad bin laden didn't get the memo

Aldi_AMA5 karma

God damn it. Take your upvote and leave.

MinnesotaPower9 karma

What's still available at Aldi? (particularly interested in chips, hummus, wine, and meat)

Aldi_AMA23 karma

Chips - should be mosly in stock

Hummus - I'd bet money it's there

Wine - you'll probably find something youre happy with. It depends in the distributor that serves your area. Alcohol laws are weird, so Aldi has to use a separate company to buy their own wine from. (I'm not in a state that allowas alcohol to be sold in Aldi anymore, so sorry I cant be more helpful). But for real, I love all Aldi wine. Less than 6 bucks for 2 bottles = a great night.

Meat - that depends. If the warehouse has it in, the stores will have it. If WH is low, the stores will get some, but it'll sell out. Be there early (9AM/Open early) if WH is out, there isn't anything we can do. This varies heavily based on where you are, but the buying department was instructed to buy extra. But I'm sure every other chain is doing the same, so who knows.

pmjm8 karma

I've gotten so many $2 bottles of wine from Aldi that have been fantastic. I don't really know anything about wine, but I can tell you they've been delicious and ... what's the word I'm looking for ... effective.

Aldi_AMA2 karma

Haha, exactly! Wine all tastes the same to me, so I just look at the price.

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Hey!! I just wanted to comment some solidarity! I work for a grocery store in the Midwest also. We're a huge employee owned warehouse type of grocery store that mostly has stores in Wisconsin.

It's been super crazy busy (people have waiting in line up to an hour to check out) and we've been working as hard as we can to provide for people. I've never been more appreciated at my job from customers. There's has been customers who have bought me bottles of water and candy bars too. I couldn't believe it. I've been working in retail now for over 10 years. I've worked 6 years in grocery specificly and until the virus broke out I seriously felt like people thought my job was a joke. Ive felt people looked down on me for being almost 30yo working for stores but I don't feel that way anymore really.

I want to wish you well and from one grocery person to another Thank you for your hard work serving people and getting the job done. We're all awesome!

I got a mod message saying my original comment was deleted because i didn't ask a question so i copy and pasted what I wrote and I'll ask a question.

My question is how are you relaxing and recovering when your shifts are over at work?

Aldi_AMA4 karma

Keep up the hard work! And when this is over, don't forget that all people need food all the time. Our role in society IS important.

A nice hot shower, cooking a meal, and putting something on the tv have been my nights. That or playing a game with my girlfriend.

Alokir6 karma

I literally just came back from Aldi and they were out of meat almost completely. I've read that they get three small supply trucks a day to fill the shelves but they can hardly keep up.

Is it the same for you guys in the US too? What other products besides hand sanitizers, face masks and soap are the most popular right now?

Aldi_AMA2 karma

We get one truck a day, and try to have it stocked before open. Toilet paper, cleaning products, and canned or frozen goods are very popular right now.

TrendWarrior1014 karma

At one point do you worry about getting a possible infection?

Aldi_AMA15 karma

Thats pretty much at the bottom of my concerns, I try to focus on on making sure that we have what people need day to day.

Abcdefghaveaniceday1 karma

Please take every precaution you can not to get infected. Even if not for yourself, your community is counting on you to be there and most importantly to not be contagious to all those you are in contact with.

Aldi_AMA3 karma

I'm doing my best! I know that if I'm infected, I could pass it on to thousands. That's just directly. I could potentially be responsible for hundreds of deaths, and that's something I take very seriously.

Redfish5184 karma

Mom works at a grocery which is deemed “essential” in this time. However, there has been no protective measure to protect her and colleagues. No masks and gloves are available to her at work. She has to get them on her own.

I fear for her everyday she goes into work. What is the employer and local government doing to protect her?

Aldi_AMA1 karma

I'm not sure what the government is doing, but her employer needs to step up. If they aren't taking her health seriously, she should leave. I wouldn't work somewhere that didn't care.

Redfish5181 karma

What’s Aldi doing to protect you guys? Are you guys getting masks or other equipment?

I’m gonna have to call up senator/mayor/councilmans offices if nothing improves.

Aldi_AMA1 karma

We have gloves and masks available for now. We also have plenty of hand sanitizer, soap, and the like. In my main post I talk about some of our cleaning routines, which also helps limit our exposure.

Xero05043 karma

Do any fights or agressive behaviours ever happen because of such high demand for things?

Aldi_AMA5 karma

Not yet, everyone has been polite and patient so far. I know that if/when it gets more strained that it will likely escalate but for now it hasn't been an issue.

noturtypicalredditor6 karma

Went to the Columbia, SC Aldi location last Monday morning. Despite them having to unexpectedly open an hour later than scheduled to restock; thus, acquiring a hoard of customers gathered outside that would enter all at once at 10am...everyone was jovial and polite. Eggs were completely out, bread was low, refrigerated areas were crowded and hard to get to, check out lines were almost to the other side of the store...but everyone was patient with each other, in good spirits and didn’t complain or give employees a hard time (from what I could tell). Was pleasantly surprised and relieved!

Aldi_AMA1 karma

That's awesome to hear! People seem to understand that there are bigger problems right now. Take care!

shotty2933 karma

What's it like working at Aldi compared to say, other big brand stores like Kroger or HEB? I was laid off recently and see that our nearest store is in need of people.

Aldi_AMA1 karma

I love working for Aldi. If you can handle being busy nonstop, you should apply.

columbus_122 karma

My girlfriend also works at a midwestern Aldi... girlfriend?

If girlfriend answer following code phrase:

“Somebody come get her ___ _______ ____ __ ________”

Aldi_AMA3 karma

Not your girlfriend, sorry!

coswoofster2 karma

Where are you getting all the cleaning supplies for commercial cleaning? This is a real question I have been wondering about. There is nothing left in our stores. How are businesses getting it?

Aldi_AMA1 karma

When this started getting crazy we pulled all the products we have off the shelf, and the warehouse stopped sending it to stores to sell. We use our own products, and if I'm out shopping elsewhere I've been instructed to buy any cleaning supplies I happen to find. We have a pretty decent supply right now, hopefully the manufacturers can get caught up so we have more for the future.

yoginurse261 karma

Are you putting limits on how much each person can buy of each item? I ask because I am shopping for both my parents and fiancées parents and would like to get everything done in one trip and may pick up a few things for our household.

They both happen to have an Aldi right by their homes so I wondered if I'd have to go to separate locations if they both want a few packages of the same thing.

Thank you for your work.

Aldi_AMA2 karma

Yes there are limits on some items. Currently: - 4 per canned good (that includes meat, like tuna and salmon) -4 dozen eggs -6 gallons of milk (I wouldn't be surprised if this gets lowered to 2 or 4) -2 of each type of bread -2 cases of water

There may be some I'm forgetting, and this may vary some based on where you are.

yoginurse261 karma

Thank you. I might make two trips depending on their lists instead when I got next week.

Aldi_AMA3 karma

Hopefully things are a bit smoother by next week, if you want to pm me before you had out I'll try to get you an updated list on limits.

djb855111 karma

Are you and fellow grocery workers realizing that you are the true engine behind our food distribution system in this country ? How does that make you feel?

Aldi_AMA3 karma

I've always known we play an important role in food distribution, it's the rest of the people that are realizing it now. I am just one cog in the machine, don't forget about the farmers, warehouse workers, and truckers!

YaBoiStevenarroyo1 karma

Do you need to work 24/7? How hard was it? Are there some costumers that bought weird stuff or were mean?

Aldi_AMA1 karma

I personally told my boss that I need a day off each week. I can handle 6 days of 14-16 hours, but it hasn't come to that yet.

It has been physically demanding, but not that much more than I'm used to. It's just longer days now.

There aren't any incidents that stand out, just a few people that are mad that we're limiting some items.

lmw19851 karma

I have some really stupid questions. I have never been in an ALDI store before, but I would like to start shopping there. How is it different from other grocery stores? Do you have to pay a quarter to rent a shopping cart? Is that what the quarter is for? Do you get the quarter back when you return the cart? Do you charge for bags? Do customers have to bag their own groceries? Do customers need a grocery store card to get sale prices? All stores are different. I'm just trying to figure out what I should expect when I go there.

Aldi_AMA3 karma

So you put the quarter in the cart as a deposit, and when you return it you get a quarter back. You'll place your items on the belt, and they'll be rung up amd placed in the cart of the person that just checked out. When finished, youll take the cart that has your groceries and put the cart you had brought in with you where the other cart was.

Yes, there is a charge for bags. 7 cents for paper, or 10 cents for plastic. You can also find boxes throughout the store that you can take for free, or bring your own bags.

And yes, you have to bag your own groceries. It all takes a little getting used to, but overall it's far more efficient. We ring people out very fast, so waiting in line doesn't take as long.

CmdrNorthpaw1 karma

Thank you for your service! What's the weirdest/most standing-out attempt at panic-buying you've ever seen, and did the purchase go through?

Aldi_AMA4 karma

After we had our limits clearly posted, i had someone try to literally clear our shelves of tp, paper towels, and kleenex. As well as a shopping cart FULL of canned goods. I told them they had to put it back. 2 of each paper product, 4 of each canned good. That's the limit, and it's there for a reason. Everyone needs food, I'm not about to let someone make it harder for dozens of other families to eat just so they can have more than they need.

Norgeroff0 karma

What color is your toothbrush?

Aldi_AMA2 karma


Sven_88-18 karma

One time at store I had upset stomach. I made gas and it stinky. Manager made me leave. Why?

Aldi_AMA15 karma

Bad bad tum tum, make other tum tum bad. Many bad tum tum not good. Bad bad tum need leave so good tum stay good. Good good tum tum is not bad. Manager care about stinky gas tum, but also care about flower smell tum. You get chocolate and sticker?

Sven_887 karma

Thanks for indulging my stupid question. Please stay safe during all of this.

Aldi_AMA8 karma

Lol, thanks for giving me a good laugh. I love pointless dumb stuff like that, and right now it actually helped a lot. I promise to stay safe as long as you take care of that stinky troll gas.