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Nay. Looks too much like beer. Girl in Trevor's hometown got a gun pulled on her when undercover cops thought she was buying beer. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/u-va-student-sues-state-40-million-arrest-buying-water-article-1.1738798

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Do you distance yourself from people? Because it kinda bothers me that the cashiers here don't step back when I need to use the card reader. I know you can't really leave your station and it's impractical when busy, but I've been going at non-busy times and wish people would respect the 6-foot bubble rule. It's good for all parties involved.

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Maybe get a muffuletta from Central Grocery as well.

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Can't answer that question but can say Trevor had a public access show where I lived when he was a kid that probably helped him get noticed.

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People are idiots. I was already convinced but this shit just convinces me more. People out in public acting normally (in terms of distancing) are idiots. Hell, I almost quit a job once because I got bitched at for taking too long to wash my hands.