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Was it hard to give up this baby that had been a part of you for 9 months?

Did/will you breastfeed at all?

Are you staying in touch with the couple at all? Is this a good thing for you?

Will they raise the kid to know they were born via surrogate?

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You sound quite happy and contented with this. You ever have flashes of regret or post partum depression? You’re doing a wonderful thing for this other family, plus you got some money for it, but don’t feel like you have to be a superhuman! Look out for your own feelings too.

hugs if you want/need them!

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Any suggestions for how teachers of K-12 can help their students who are homeless?

How can community college professors help their adult students who are currently homeless?

Do adult students who were homeless for part or all of their childhood (but no longer are) have additional needs compared to their classmates who were never homeless?

I’m a community college prof, and I have had students who disclosed then current or past homelessness to me, and I feel like I don’t know what to do other than refer them to the Dean of Students (who can then refer them to the school food bank, or our free counseling services).

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What would have been different about your Antarctica trip if you had planned it in Antarctic winter?

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In case you come back and check this... I’m a grad student doing research in science education, and I’m thinking of studying the scientific understanding of people who believe conspiracy theories in the realm of science (Moon landing hoax, flat Earth, climate change as conspiracy theory). Any suggestions on papers (like, lit reviews) I should read to start me off? Thanks! :)