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My local libraries, park district, community college, and observatory are all giving away glasses during events tomorrow, and we're not even in the path of totality (we get like 85%). Call around and see if those kinds of places are doing programs, maybe.

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True. As one of the places hosting an event and giving away glasses tomorrow, I can understand that. We've sold (at cost) almost 1,000 pairs already, and only kept 50 to hand out to people who show up going, "What do you mean, I need to wear glasses for safety?" Our poor receptionist did nothing but deal with eclipse glasses questions the entirety of last week.

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I noticed that even last week, Aldi had signs up limiting purchases on canned goods and TP. This week, a coworker told me that Sam’s club and others still hadn’t, and that people were coming out of the stores with 2-3 carts full of toilet paper. (I don’t get the TP hoarding at all). Good job, Aldi!

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Getting glasses somewhere at this late stage is going to be really difficult--they are pretty much sold out. If you do see them somewhere, be sure to check them against the list of approved vendors that have been certified by NASA as being safe.

Check around to see if your local colleges, observatory, libraries, or park districts are having events. They might have some to give away before or during the eclipse.