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I just gotta say, the horse and tank scene in Walking Dead was by far my favorite scene in the entire Walking Dead seasons thus far. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, I don't think I closed my jaw for a solid 5 minutes. Thanks for helping scare the absolute crap out of me.

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Went to the Columbia, SC Aldi location last Monday morning. Despite them having to unexpectedly open an hour later than scheduled to restock; thus, acquiring a hoard of customers gathered outside that would enter all at once at 10am...everyone was jovial and polite. Eggs were completely out, bread was low, refrigerated areas were crowded and hard to get to, check out lines were almost to the other side of the store...but everyone was patient with each other, in good spirits and didn’t complain or give employees a hard time (from what I could tell). Was pleasantly surprised and relieved!

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How much per year will you be paying for malpractice insurance?