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I've had so many amazing interactions, I can't really narrow it down to just one.

One that got to me today was when a customer covered the order of the person in front of them. It was an $87 cart, and they were so discreet about it. Being able to tell someone that their grocery bill has already been paid, and and seeing that realization wash over them is pretty awesome.

That doesn't happen every day by any means, but when it does it renews my faith in humanity.

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  1. Kinda? I've always been pretty good about taking vitamins, and cleanliness. I've been taking more supplements to boost my immune system, and have been watching what I eat more.

  2. I guess I should probably be wearing a mask. I probably interact with about 200 people in the first 4 hours we're open, not to mention I stock all the fresh produce. Gloves probably aren't enough, even if I don't sneeze or have a cough.

  3. It depends on what you're looking for. Right now, I'd start looking early for pasta, canned goods, and fresh meat. We've also had issues with certain types of milk if you/the people you're shopping for are picky. I was told the dairy farms are prioritizing 2% over all the other types, but we've been able to get in 1%, 2%, and whole in the full gallons. The only one we've been REALLY limited on is the full gallons of skim. We have gotten half gallons, but not enough to make up for the demand. A lot of people are also surprised about our bread selection. It takes like a week for bread to be ordered/come in. That should (hopefully) balance out in a couple more days, but it's still pretty hard to gauge.

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I'm actually not 100% on pay when electing to stay home. I for sure know that no one will be fired for it. Policy says you can use personal days at pretty much any time for any reason though, if needed. Recently (within the last couple days, they're all blending at this point) we had a team member come to us because they weren't comfortable working around so many people, but we were able to work out them coming in when we aren't open and still maintain their full time status so insurance and such doesn't lapse.

Tangently related, Aldi has an employee relief fund. I haven't read all the details, but I think it was set up for natural disasters and the like. I wouldnt be surprised if they made those funds available to those affected by this crisis though.

If someone needs a day or 2 to recharge, we've been telling them to just let us know when they're good to go again. A lot of the people I work with have been volunteering to help cover shifts, and have just been so understanding. Not all stores have people like that, but we've been lucky so far.

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So idk how to edit the title or post on mobile, but I've been with Aldi for over 4 years. Ive worked retail previously, and the Karens all seem to be staying home lately.

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I've worked retail for years, so I guess experience has already prepared me for the most hostile of customers. I've had people shit on the floor on Christmas Eve, scream in my face, and call me every name there is.

There are already people hoarding here, but we have set pretty strict limits on most things that they go for. I personally have no problem enforcing the 2 cases of water or 4 cans of corn rules. The only thing I've let slide is tomato paste, because those cans are way too small. I've let 2 people get out with 6 cans of that.

I doubt we'll get the shields here, but I certainly wouldn't be upset if we do. Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate the time you took to share.