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Why do so many end up homeless? Don't you have military pay or training that can transfer to other jobs or "connections" where you help each other? Military is such a bro squad... I don't understand the lack of connections and support. Or, is it most often due to untreated PTSD? Genuinely wondering.

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This is what is happening all over. Friend’s daughter who works in a lab making drugs for vulnerable populations is sick. Her parents had direct contact with a Chinese client who tested positive. They had symptoms and then she did. Was coughing so bad she was throwing up. Went to get tested and they told her she wasn’t bad enough to be tested. Just go home for 14 days. But don’t her coworkers deserve to know if she has it since they were exposed? I don’t understand the lack of testing when the WHO offered tests right when the first cases arrived in the US. This is so fucking messed up.

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No one is getting results for more days than it takes to recover though. Friend was tested because husband is immunocompromised and she was sick. That was 8 days ago and she still hasn’t heard anything.

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Colorado is saying yes but you MUST start away from others. And remember if you go out and drive your car etc... getting in and out etc... be mindful of this. Best go alone, hike or bike then return home and avoid people. I am NOT a doctor and I probably don’t live in your state so follow state recommendations but this is what Colorado is telling us as a very outdoor active population. Fresh air is good. People contact...not so much.

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Im sorry but the hotline is a joke. I tried to help a friend. They sent the police. He was found writing a suicide note...he had a minor traffic violation (that i didnt know about) previous so had a warrant. Police arrested him. Threw him down and cuffed him no less. Jailed him. Made him pay the fines. Bullied him and then sent him on his way. He genuinely needed help. They did not help.