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Hi, I spent 4 years volunteering at a similar rescue. Then I was hired by our veterinarian, where I ended up treating cats at other similar places for an additional 2 years. I've been away from it for 2 years now and I realized many of the people involved seem rather unstable.

Why do you think all of these groups attract these kinds of people?

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Not OP, but I came from a similar facility. There is so much behind the scenes that the public doesn't know about these places and this is the perfect time to share it. The more people who know, the more people who will be willing to help these cats.

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I'm from a similar background as OP. As they said, you form a relationship with the animals. They're socialized, almost like a pet. Big cats start to really decline in health after 15. For a larger facility with 30+ cats, you're watching an animal that you helped raise die every few months. It really takes a toll.

The veterinary field in general suffers compassion fatigue.

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I volunteered at a similar place.

Yes, they love boxes, even if they are only shredding them. Any treats that are out of the norm are enjoyed. We would give them pumpkins after Halloween or whole Turkeys after Thanksgiving. Their food can be hid under something, which makes them hunt for it.

Otherwise, they make large durable toys that they will play with just like a house cat.

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I came from a similar place. Labor is hard. Many volunteer show up with the thought that they're gonna play with big cats. Then they end up shoveling cat shit and cleaning leftover rotting meat from the cages. It's not pleasant work. Most volunteers come for 2-3 weeks and never come back.

It's pretty for the long-term volunteers to not remember the short-term volunteers until they've been around for a while.