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Don't know if you already knew this, but OP has named themselves after Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings, a woman who in Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is described as writing the worst poetry in the Universe. She was based on a schoolmate of Douglas's named Paul Neil Milne Johnstone, who really did write horrible poetry (I'll post some here if you want). The real man's name was written in the original edition of the book but changed after he objected to its inclusion.

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How are you able to post on Reddit from China?

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Not OP, but I would imagine that Zellweiger's is caused by a recessive gene. This means that it is quite rare because for recessive genes to come forth both parents have to have that gene, and even so there is a one in four chance (because both mom and dad have to contribute their recessive gene as opposed to their dominant one). The risk is zero unless both parents have the bad gene, so say for example that OP's daughter had a kid with someone without the gene, that kid could not have Zellweiger's because her husband's gene would always override her bad gene.

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You should have made it like an elf.