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I saw you in one of your first comedy standup/motivational shows in Hollywood about 3 (maybe more) years ago. I was with a girl at the time that I have loved since I was 13, we'd been off and on for the past 15 years of our lives. This past June we had one of the worst fights we've ever had, and I thought I was being a man by leaving and never looking back. That night of your show, you had made a point of demonstrating that building something with your hands is so powerful and fulfilling, and it has made me want to build something. I don't know if its a cabinet, a machine, a business, a family or a municipality, but I want to build something grand. I need to find this thing and build it, I'd like to fulfill this emptiness I have, and try to win this woman over again. Any advice?

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I knew it, the beatles!

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obviously a drug smuggler

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I kind of expected that one psy

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What's your best advice for someone starting a new business , with very little cash, like yourselves?