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Mikey, Randy, & Buddy here. We’re the show-hosts of AHC Podcast; an independent comedy podcast in which we research infamous people, discuss them and then rate how horrible we think they are (on a 1-11 scale).

Our latest episode is about Jeffrey Epstein. After doing the research for the show, we realized that there was so much stuff that was worth covering that we ended up having to run two full episodes on this guy.

In the first episode, we discuss his early years: his schooling, his short-lived career as a teacher, his introduction to the financial world as an analyst at Bear Stearns, and the formation of his mysterious asset management company, J. Epstein & Co. In the second episode, we delve into the headline-grabbing sex-crimes, his climb up the ultra-wealthy and powerful social ladder, his arrest, his sham sentencing, his rearrest and ultimately his very-questionable death.

You can listen to the first episode here and the second episode here. Or just download it on your preferred podcast platform-- Apple, Spotify, et cetera. (Just a heads up: there is definitely swearing and other adult content in the podcast.)

As for the show itself, we all grew up together and have been close friends for over twenty years. We decided to do the podcast as a hobby and to give us another reason to hang out. It isn’t always easy, but we’ve had a lot of fun working on it.

So, ask us anything about Jeffrey Epstein or whatever you feel like! We’ll be here pretty much all day answering every question that we can. (There may be some delayed responses at times because we’re doing this from our full-time jobs, but it shouldn’t be very long at all.)




EDIT: We're gonna take a quick lunch break but will be back in half an hour or so (~2:45ish EST) to keep answering questions. Keep 'em coming!

EDIT 2: We're back. Ready to answer more questions!

FINAL EDIT: We're gonna wrap it up. Thank you all for the great questions, conversations, and everything else. This has been a lot of fun and we appreciate you having us on here and taking an interest in the podcast and the Jeffrey Epstein story! Have a great night and weekend!

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AlmostWardCunningham527 karma

Where in the world is Ghislaine Maxwell? Why hasn't she been arrested yet?

AHC_Podcast650 karma

That's the million dollar question. What was interesting was that even the "candid" shot of her at an In N' Out Burger seemed to have been staged according to meta-data from the picture.

She's an integral piece to the whole thing and I can't for the life of me figure out why she hasn't been detained yet.

  • Mikey

Brahdyssey173 karma

Who takes the blame for the lack of video footage from the prison?

AHC_Podcast482 karma

The jail will ultimately take the blame. But this is one of the things that is so frustrating. Like, you're trying to tell me that the video just happened to go out right at that critical time, and the guards were asleep, and the stars magically aligned so that your most high-profile inmate can ice himself? It's absurd.

  • Buddy.

GibMoneyForMe169 karma

How would you describe the Epstein situation for someone who knows nothing about it?

AHC_Podcast350 karma

That's a pretty tough question to answer succinctly, but I'll give it a shot.

You know all of those conspiracy theories about powerful people running pedo rings for their own entertainment? Well, the Epstein story is basically that. And the people that are potentially implicated are the upper echelon of global power and wealth.

It's definitely worth looking into. We try to give a good run down over the two episodes. You can check that out or if you want check out some other materials like Epstein: Devil in the Darkness.

Dive into that rabbit hole.

  • Mikey

flibbidygibbit72 karma

You know all of those conspiracy theories about powerful people running pedo rings for their own entertainment?

I moved to Omaha as a teen in 1989. The local news couldn't get enough of the Franklin Credit Union Scandal. Separate state and federal grand juries ruled the allegations that the Credit Union served as a front for a pedophile ring was a carefully crafted hoax.

A number of the elements presented by prosecution were corroborated in a 2014 documentary, "Who Took Johnny?", which talks about a 12 year old who never came home from his paper route.

I feel like the truth sits somewhere in the middle, but we won't know about it. The CEO of the credit union died in 2009.

AHC_Podcast54 karma

Franklin Credit Union Scandal

I've read a lot about this one. It's deeply troubling. Not sure how much of it is true or not, but I don't think that nothing happened with that story. There is definitely something there. Definitely worth taking the time to read up on.

  • Mikey

GibMoneyForMe50 karma

Thats more than i hoped for! Gonna check your two episodes for sure.

AHC_Podcast40 karma

Thanks! Hope you enjoy them! :)

*Mikey, Randy & Buddy

Zatoro25161 karma

What does AHC stand for?

AHC_Podcast277 karma

AssHole Court. We had to go with that name because companies don't like to promote companies with swear words directly in the name. And AC podcast was taken. Y'know, we had to make compromises. LOL!

  • Randy

keenly_disinterested114 karma

So what you're saying is some asshole already took the name you wanted for your podcast?

AHC_Podcast73 karma


Cedarfoot35 karma

Behind the Bastards seems to get advertisers

AHC_Podcast63 karma

Those guys are great. I genuinely like the work they do. And I wish they'd tell me how they promote it, because I can't even get Facebook to approve paid promotions of our posts!

  • Mikey

Viperbunny26 karma

They are part of iHeart media and likely that helps. I think during one of their episodes on the Koch brothers a Koch ad aired. It was pretty funny.

There is a group of independent podcasters, Multitude, that may be willing to give you advice on how to get sponsors. Best of luck! Keep up the good work!

AHC_Podcast19 karma

Thanks for the heads up! We'll have to hit Multitude up! :)

  • Buddy

8Ariadnesthread8114 karma

What do you think are the most important steps that the authorities should be taking that are not currently being taken?

Follow up, which steps that should be taken do you feel are being taken?

AHC_Podcast210 karma

That's a great question. I think the sad part of the Epstein story is that it is indicative of the flaws in the US legal system: a system in which money and power very much dictate the outcomes in verdicts and sentencing.

So it's a structural thing that isn't going to get changed overnight. In the meantime, I don't see much being done by anyone in power aside from trying to skirt the question and distance themselves from Epstein. Wish I had a better answer.

  • Mikey

8Ariadnesthread827 karma

So I'm hearing that you do not think we are going to uncover anything further that is significant?

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer and make your podcast!

AHC_Podcast68 karma

Thank you for the question! It really is an important one. And I hope that I'm wrong about the outcome and the discovery process post Epstein's death, but I'm a bit of a pessimist when it comes to this stuff.

I think you'll likely see a public song and dance (like we saw with AG Barr talking about them going to the ends of the earth to prosecute the case) but as we can see, it's already being swept under the rug-- largely speaking.

  • Mikey

Kaerlok7 karma

Might be late to the party, but do you think that the people with enough power and influence to aide in the investigation don’t because... well, they don’t want to end up like Epstein?

AHC_Podcast15 karma

I think it's probably a problem of apathy more than anything else. There are definitely people that want the story to disappear, but other powerful and wealthy people that aren't involved in any way probably just don't care that much since it doesn't have a direct impact on them.

Just my thoughts though.

  • Mikey

Pat_Headroom108 karma

What do you make of Ghislaine Maxwell's email being hacked?

AHC_Podcast96 karma

Is this in regards to the Prince Andrew emails?

  • Mikey

AHC_Podcast94 karma

I guess, I'm just hoping that some Law Enforcement Agency is actively reviewing them.

  • Mikey

Welshswingers102 karma

Do you have any idea of who will the next big name to be exposed. Also, what do you make of the Tom Hanks rumours?

AHC_Podcast218 karma

I think Dershowitz could potentially be implicated in a devastating way. But it's hard to say.

As far as Tom Hanks, I haven't heard much in the way of reputable allegations. And that's another thing that's unfortunate for people that legitimately had nothing to do with Epstein's crimes but still appeared in his periphary. They're automatically implicated by (even minor) association-- even if it's just a picture at an event.

But that's why a thorough investigation needs to be done and done publicly. Let the cards fall where they may.

  • Mikey

twhys164 karma

If Tom Hanks diddled a kid I think the earth will likely collapse in on itself

AHC_Podcast162 karma

I agree. I couldn't handle that psychologically. It'd be the grown up equivalent of finding out that Santa isn't real and you were adopted all at once.

  • Mikey

RaoulDuke20919 karma

I think Dan Schneider is who we should be watching, have you heard anything about him, knowing Epstein perhaps?

AHC_Podcast22 karma

I've heard a lot about him (and used to watch Head of the Class as a kid). If the rumors are true, there may be a point in which the story breaks on him the same way it did for Harvey Weinstein.

  • Mikey

LordTrixzlix5 karma

Omg nooo I loved Head of the Class! Is there ANYONE from my youth that wasn't a scumbag? :'(

AHC_Podcast23 karma

I hear Keanu Reeves is pretty cool.

  • Randy

Welshswingers12 karma

Thanks for the reply, it's much appreciated. Sorry for asking on our nsfw profile!!

AHC_Podcast7 karma

No worries! :)

str8grizzlee98 karma

What do you make of the allegation that Epstein was connected to either the Mossad or the CIA, or that one of those intelligence agencies either knew about the trafficking ring or was actively orchestrating it?

AHC_Podcast124 karma

Here's my reply from further down the thread on this:

That's a really interesting piece of the puzzle. Especially considering Ghislaine Maxwell's father's supposed ties to the organization (which can't be verified, unfortunately). And the source of his financing and everything is REALLY fucking weird. It reminds me a lot of Whitey Bulger's ties to the FBI and the carte blanche lifestyle that he had while doing his crimes.

So, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest (Mossad or some other similar organization). But that's totally speculative on my part and I have no proof of it either way.

  • Mikey

need_tts12 karma

AHC_Podcast14 karma

Yep. You're absolutely right. Which is just one piece of that weird-ass puzzle.

  • Mikey

qwrrty85 karma

What are your thoughts on the "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" meme that keeps popping up? Specifically, not the question "did he kill himself" but the practice of inserting that phrase into humorous memes? Proponents say that it's an important way to keep the conversation going and ensure that it's not forgotten. Critics say that it's a way to have a cheap joke at the expense of his victims, who now have to see his name turned into a punchline. What do you think of the practice?

AHC_Podcast147 karma

I drop it into the episode a few times and address it a bit. But yeah, memes do serve a greater purpose of simplifying an idea and pushing it into the social conscious. It's like a psychic bumper sticker, I suppose.

  • Randy

Guns_5769 karma

We know about Clinton, Trump, Prince Andrew etc. Who's the most surprising person that has prominent links to Epstein that no in is talking about?

AHC_Podcast202 karma

In my opinion, one person with the most damning association is Harvard Law Professor, and current attorney of Donald Trump: Alan Dershowitz.

We discuss him a bit in the show, but he has been directly accused of sleeping with minors at the behest of Epstein. And his behavior regarding the case strikes me as extremely suspicious. For instance, he went out of his way to request that the Pulitzer Organization not award anything to Julie K. Brown (the journalist at the Miami Herald who opened the can of worms again in November of 2018 and was basically the catalyst for Epstein's rearrest).

  • Mikey

azscorpio1968 karma

Who actually killed him?

AHC_Podcast112 karma

That's a tough question. We seem to think that it wasn't Jeffrey Epstein. And if he was indeed murdered, it was likely a paid job in which a fellow inmate did the deed. There are a lot of people that stood to gain from his death, so it's hard to say who might have pulled that card (if that's how it went down). Sadly, we'll probably never know.

  • Mikey

Black__lotus44 karma

Isn’t it more likely to be the prison staff? How would a paid prisoner delete the videos?

AHC_Podcast56 karma

This is a valid point, and I was going to say maybe they worked together (the inmate and the security) but rationally why include another person if you didn't have to. Good call.

  • Mikey

Beezus145-9 karma

I believe it was the Queen and the Royal Family.

She did kill off Princess Diana in a ‘car crash’.

Also once it came out about Prince Andrew it was pretty much a few days later he’s found dead.

AHC_Podcast2 karma

At this point, nothing would be surprising. But I don't have any definitive information one way or another.

  • Mikey

uffington66 karma

Hello from the UK.

My question is, was there any reason for Epstein’s friends etc to travel to/stay at his residences (apart from the sexual element)?

Obviously the sex trafficking is the main focus, but is it likely that others went there for ‘innocent’ reasons?

Thank you.

AHC_Podcast110 karma

That's a good question. The somewhat disappointing answer is that people likely just wanted to hang out at a luxurious location for free. Epstein didn't like to go out, he liked to invite everyone to his place.

If people get invited to a private flight to a private island, they'll probably take it.

But then of course, you can't have this discussion without the potential sex crimes so...

  • Mikey

uffington22 karma

Thank you for the reply and best of luck to you all.

AHC_Podcast23 karma

Thank you for a great question!

  • Mikey

beachhike50 karma

What can you tell us about Epstein's connection to the Barr family?

AHC_Podcast77 karma

We address it a bit in the first episode, and basically conclude that it is possible that Bill Barr's dad Donald was the one that hired Epstein at Dalton. But the timeline doesn't match up quite perfectly. On the other hand, the novel Space Relations that he wrote is all types of fucked up when you consider the crimes of Epstein and his interest in transhumanism and forced procreation.

  • Mikey

Muthafuckaaaaa45 karma

Seeing as Epstein didn't kill himself, what are your guys favorite sandwiches?

AHC_Podcast62 karma


First of all, I'm a big fan of sandwiches in general. It's mind-blowing to imagine that there was a time when there weren't sandwiches. Sort of like learning that chocolate chip cookies aren't even 100 years old.

Anyway, I think the greatest thing in the world is a legit Pastrami Sandwich from Katz. It's the first place I stop whenever I'm in New York.

The closest we get here in Atlanta is the General Muir's Pastrami. It's pretty good too.

  • Mikey (I'll update with Randy and Buddy's answers)


A Reuben Sandwich or a good Italian sandwich.

  • Randy

Philly Cheesesteak

  • Buddy

dexterpine44 karma

Is there enough evidence to put any of the famous people who rode on the 'Lolita Express' (Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Bill Richardson, Matt Groening, Kevin Spacey, etc) in jail for raping children, enabling the rape of children, etc.?

In your opinion, what high-profile figure alleged to have committed sex crimes is most likely to face punishment?

AHC_Podcast60 karma

As far as I could find, there have been direct accusations of Bill Richardson, George Mitchell, Alan Dershowitz, and Donald Trump engaging in sex with minors. Now, does that mean that they're guilty? Of course not. But that's why we need a comprehensive and public investigation into this. Sadly, that won't likely happen.

  • Mikey

SweetPockets5139 karma

Where is the inmate that shared the cell with Epstein now? Do you think he will be questioned or do you think he will commit “suicide” as well?

AHC_Podcast47 karma

I honestly don't know. I'd like to see him do an interview though-- preferably on Fresh Air with my girl Terry Gross.

  • Mikey

Neonap37 karma

What do you think about the weird temple on his island?

AHC_Podcast83 karma

Normally, I would say that it's probably much ado about nothing. But once you get into Epstein's ideas about mass inseminations and "improving" the earth by disseminating his DNA on a large scale (although this was supposed to happen at his New Mexico ranch), then it's really not dramatic to assume that some really weird shit might have gone on in that temple thingie.

  • Buddy

Garfield-1-23-2319 karma

disseminating his DNA on a large scale

Are there a shit ton of Epstein children running around?

AHC_Podcast46 karma

That was certainly his gameplan. A bunch of weird, football-headed kids running around.

  • Mikey

RaoulDuke20914 karma

The dude is Genghis Khan

AHC_Podcast20 karma


  • Randy

FISArocks12 karma

Wait this I don't know about. What is this master plan?

AHC_Podcast26 karma

Here ya go. Enjoy the dive into Epstein's insanity. :)

  • Randy

WarProgenitor31 karma

What year was plausibly Jeffery Epstein's most heinous year by account of how many sex crimes he facilitated or committed?

AHC_Podcast61 karma

That's a tough call for a specific year, but I'd say the late nineties to the early aughts were probably his worst years as a sexual predator. Just because he had the most money at that point and power to hide his deeds.

  • Buddy.

seattle-diarrhea-dad29 karma

How did Epstein get his wealth? I have just heard he was a financier but that seems intentionally vague. Most people with that level of wealth have a very clear “origin story” for their money.

AHC_Podcast39 karma

It is really hard to know for sure. Even before he got in trouble there were a number of people on Wall Street who compared him to a kind of financial Wizard of Oz-- noting that they thought there was a lot less there than he led on.

It should be an easier answer, but the truth is that Epstein was very good at hiding wealth for the wealthy (via offshore accounts and tax-havens) so untangling that ball of fish hooks isn't going to be easy.

  • Mikey

seattle-diarrhea-dad9 karma

Sounds like Madoff before the wheels came off. Any allegations of fraud as the source?

AHC_Podcast16 karma

He was arguably engaged in the biggest Ponzi scheme ever (Tower Financial), prior to Madoff. That's according to the guy that served 20 years for it.

  • Mikey

gangindisbitch28 karma

So these criminals running the country will likely never be arrested or charged because the people involved are the ones who would do the arresting. What can the average US citizen do to help get our entire government of pedophiles out of positions of power? I know the main answer is nothing but I'm hoping there's something we can do because the amount of power the government has shown us they have in the last few years including complete control of the media has been horrifying.

AHC_Podcast27 karma

I think the only thing that the average person can do is to continue getting the story in the news and talked about. People need to demand answers on this type of stuff and not get side-tracked by the latest fluff stories that get pushed to the top of the news cycle.

  • Randy.

MesWantooth24 karma

Regarding Epstein's motives and wealth...We're people PAYING him for access to these girls/women? Like a pimp? If not, why recruit such a large group? Was he paid in favors/influence? Was he being paid by blackmailing them after the fact? It doesn't makes sense that these high-profile people would continue to hang out with them and not once say to one of their cronies "Hey man, stay away from this guy - this motherfucker filmed me and now I have to give him millions."

And the CIA/Mossad angle, is it likely they knew he was committing despicable crimes but let him continue to do it for the info he procured? And how did that work? He passed along things he was told or overheard? Pass along video evidence so that the CIA or Mossad could blackmail them?

Again, I have a hard time believing situation was 1) Jeffrey invites _____ to his island 2) Jeffrey films ______ committing despicable crimes. 3) Jeffrey delivers tape to CIA/Mossad, who use that to blackmail/influence _____. And for some reason, they guy keeps going to the island, doesn't tell anyone else, and is completely compromised. Like are we to believe there's a Bill Clinton tape and Bill has been running around doing the bidding for the CIA for decades with this over his head? For the threat to be real, some people would have to have been exposed - for sure someone didn't do what they were told and should have had their life turned upside down. And if exposed, one has to believe the authorities never sought to verify where the video was taken.

AHC_Podcast17 karma

Regarding Epstein's motives and wealth...We're people PAYING him for access to these girls/women?

It's impossible to say right now. It could be as explicit as that, or it could be that there was no direct transaction.

Virginia Giuffre said that she hung around and at times was asked to do things for Epsteins guest (sleep with Prince Andrew, massage Matt Groening's feet, et cetera).

As for the Mossad, CIA angle, I addressed that a little earlier in the thread. Basically, it wouldn't surprise me (because nothing would surprise me with this weird-ass story), but there's no way of knowing for sure right now.

  • Mikey

BBWolf32623 karma

I’ve always wondered if there was a connection between Epstein and other high profile pedos like Jimmy Seville; I remember a story about potentially hundreds of people implicated in the post mortem investigations into Seville back in 2014 or 15?

AHC_Podcast30 karma

There are a bunch of very weird pedophile circles globally-- the Dutroux affair, Epstein, Saville, et cetera.

I don't know if they're tied directly. But even if they aren't, I think there is a problem with pedophilia that is glossed over too frequently.

  • Mikey

Mph241122 karma

Epstein’s source of wealth is widely unknown, correct? Do you think there’s anything to the rumors that he was part of a blackmail scheme by the Russians? As in, he secretly filmed people having sex with minors and then gave/sold it to the Russians for Kompromat?

AHC_Podcast30 karma

It is very mysterious, although he did seem to have the full control of Billionaire Les Wexner's estate at some point and even ended up living in and owning (for free effectively) his massive NYC townhouse.

  • Randy

happymisery18 karma

What is the biggest motivation that you've found for his death and for it not to be suicide? Reputational protection? Political influence?

AHC_Podcast36 karma

It's really hard to say, but to speculate: probably a little of category A and category B.

The thing is that it became apparent pretty quickly that he was likely taping people (probably for blackmail material) and a lot of people got nervous very quickly I imagine. I mean, we still don't know what was on those DVDs in his safe or what else was discovered. And we may never know.

Suffice it to say, a lot of people came out in a better position once Epstein died.

  • Randy

raiden67915 karma

Do you believe Epstein was working for the Mossad as part of a blackmail operation?


AHC_Podcast20 karma

That's a really interesting piece of the puzzle. Especially considering Ghislaine Maxwell's father's supposed ties to the organization (which can't be verified, unfortunately). And the source of his financing and everything is REALLY fucking weird. It reminds me a lot of Whitey Bulger's ties to the FBI and the carte blanche lifestyle that he had while doing his crimes.

So, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest (Mossad or some other similar organization). But that's totally speculative on my part and I have no proof of it either way.

  • Mikey

rydef113 karma

Who has filled the role of Jeffrey Epstein in today's world?

AHC_Podcast37 karma

Who knows? Time will tell, probably. Somebody is though.

And I'd like to point out here that human trafficking happens on every level of society and wealth. It's a global problem that needs to be addressed head on.

  • Mikey

getintheVandell13 karma

What standards do you have to prevent you from engaging in conspiratorial thinking, ala taking this to wild pizza gate levels?

AHC_Podcast22 karma

That's a great question because it can be really easy to roll down that hill. So, I do my best to use sources that I feel are legitimate (i.e. sources that could be cited for at least an undergrad paper). Following that, we try to do our best to point out when we're speculating and when we're stating sourced material. We also try to point out that allegations are just that, allegations. Until someone is sentenced in a court of law, we can't say with any certainty that they're guilty of something.

And I think it's really important that people try to do this in their day to day life. By speculating as fact, you're damaging your own credibility as an objective evaluator, IMO.

  • Mikey

TheAngelPeterGabriel12 karma

Do you think there will be any justice for the victims of Epstein in the coming months/years?

AHC_Podcast25 karma

There may be some form of civil court justice and payment out on damages, but I highly doubt we'll ever see anyone in criminal court over this now that he's dead.

  • Mikey

sirharryflashman9 karma

Is there any truth to the story that he built his investment fund through blackmail? According to the story, he would tape the sexual encounters that his friends had with underage girls and then threaten to release the footage if they didn't invest. Apparently his fund grew very fast and this is how he brought in the assets.

AHC_Podcast12 karma

There is reasonable speculation, I would say. His absolute control over Les Wexner's finances is strange. And he appears to have been involved in one way or another with a massive Ponzi scheme in the 80s with Tower Financial.

I can't say with any certainty (because there's never been a decent investigation, IMO) but blackmail seemed to fit his MO.

  • Mikey

StrangeConstants7 karma

Why isn't there more focus and investigation on Epstein's telephone book where his House Manager circled names implicated? The FBI had notes on his interview. Will that ever be released?

AHC_Podcast5 karma

These are questions that I think we all want answered. Hopefully, someday there will be a massive string of arrests and trials, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

  • Buddy

yosefzeev7 karma

Is there any evidence of Epstein being a follower of some manner of Nazi ideology? I get that he was working with the Mosad, but some of his ideas sound very much like Nazi eugenics.

AHC_Podcast18 karma

He did seem to have an interest in what could fairly be described as Eugenics, although I don't know if there was a Nazi angle to it. To be fair, Eugenics was popular in the US in the early 20th century as much as anywhere else, unfortunately.

  • Mikey

ThEhIsO87307 karma

What's the most shocking name you've heard even loosely tied to this? Someone that people would've never believed in a million years could be wrapped up in anything like this.

AHC_Podcast29 karma

We were bummed to hear that Matt Groening hung out with Epstein and (allegedly) got a foot massage from Virginia Giuffre.

  • Mikey & Buddy

jayc3247 karma

What are your thoughts on superposition?

AHC_Podcast9 karma

Quantum mechanics is mind-blowing stuff to me. It's really hard to wrap my head around. Love the Multiverse theory and it seems that superposition could play into that, no? Maybe? I dunno. Theoretical physics is beyond my pay grade. :)

  • Mikey

Chargercrisp4 karma

Do you think the Epstein story should get more international coverage or is it right as it is?

AHC_Podcast12 karma

It's gotten a lot of coverage now thanks to Julie K. Brown. But honestly, I'd like to see more action being taken. I just hope that the story doesn't fade off into the ether like so many things seem to.

  • Buddy

mpyles104 karma

Have there been any independent or private investigations into both his allegations and his death that you’re aware of?

AHC_Podcast4 karma

I haven't seen any other than the journalistic outfits that looked into it. That being said, I know that when Julie K. Brown was looking into it, she was basically told by the Palm Beach Sheriff that he had tried to lead people in the right direction and for one reason or another they never followed. He thought that they were getting held back by their higher-ups. Which, of course, is entirely possible.

So it seems there might have been some difficulties for people trying to dig into the story.

  • Mikey

Misplacedmypenis4 karma

Do you think that Hillary Clinton has the upper body strength to take out Epstein?

AHC_Podcast4 karma

We talking now or a year ago? Because I think that makes a huge difference.

  • Randy

pudgebone3 karma

How long did it take to compile all the info for the two podcasts?

AHC_Podcast4 karma

It took me about two weeks' worth of research, formatting, and writing. Could have gone on more, but we try to maintain a schedule of show output, so sometimes you have to move on. Thanks for asking.

  • Mikey

Chargercrisp3 karma

Do you guys think he is really dead or could he be escaped and still be alive?

AHC_Podcast5 karma

I honestly do believe that he is dead. The question is how that came to be.

  • Mikey

Hilltopperpete3 karma

I have a theory that he was never actually a financial analyst or manager at all and all of his wealth and connections came from pimping out children, any thoughts on that?

AHC_Podcast10 karma

He did seem to be a legitimate analyst at Bear Stearns in the special products division in the late seventies. After that, it gets a lot more complicated.

I mean, just the idea that he would only accept Billionaire clients in 1981 is pretty much laughable considering how few there were then.

  • Randy

Uppercase_123 karma

How do you feel about the people who believe that Epstein was innocent? And the same people who say he actually did kill himself because he knew he couldn't win since the whole world already convicted him before a trail. How do you guys feel about the notion that this was orchestrated by a shadowy organization that took him out as an example that they can get anyone, since the Tom Hanks rumors have came out. Some say that's the next target.

AHC_Podcast17 karma

How do you feel about the people who believe that Epstein was innocent?

I think you'd have to be willfully ignorant at this point to run with this idea.

  • Buddy

solzhen2 karma

Hi. What’s your RSS feed link? You’re not popping up in Overcast and I can add you via that link.

AHC_Podcast5 karma

Official feed is:


Hope you enjoy it! :)

  • Mikey, Randy & Buddy

Capn__Geech2 karma

Do you guys have a list of who you’ll cover next?

AHC_Podcast6 karma

We don't post a list, but that might be something that we should think about. Episodes that are in the pipe right now are Tom Cruise and Nancy Grace.

And we're always open to suggestions!

  • Buddy

Cjk1919982 karma

I have two questions, where can I find your podcast and what other episode would you highly recommend listening to or what was the most fun to make/research?

AHC_Podcast3 karma

Thank you for your interest!

You can find us at ahcpodcast.com or any of the major podcast platforms.

We have fun with a lot of episodes. There's a lot that doesn't get aired because we're just goofing off like old friends do. But I think the hardest we laughed was doing the John Gotti episode. For some reason that one just had us in tears while we recorded.

  • Mikey

guywithanusername2 karma

or whatever you want

How's your day going so far?

AHC_Podcast2 karma

Busy so far! :) We're having a blast answering all of these questions while juggling work. I'm sure my co-workers are wondering why it sounds like I'm typing a novel over here!

Hope your day is going great!

  • Mikey

Piv_Live1 karma

What if I told you that my coworker looks suspiciously like Epstein?!

AHC_Podcast3 karma

Hmm. Is he a new hire? LOL

  • Buddy

official_yelper-4 karma

Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

AHC_Podcast2 karma

Maybe, but we tend to think that he didn't. Hopefully, we'll know the real answer someday.