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I have a friend with Alopecia, she rocks it with great confidence. She's somewhat of a celebrity in the City we live in, in that she'll have total strangers approach her when traveling and say "You live in ____, right? I see you all the time." We met Jessica Alba through a mutual friend who worked on the set of something she was filming and Jessica said "I've definitely seen you around."

She also gets cat-calls "YO, You got a beautiful head my dear!" being one example I remember.

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What's interesting is that Turkey is becoming known as a destination for high quality, affordable transplants ($1-3k excluding travel and accommodation)...A friend of mine went to India to get one done and paid $5k for a procedure that probably would have cost $15-20k over here.

Edit: I wrote that the cost in Turkey is "$3-5k including travel and accommodation" but the feedback I'm receiving is that it's generally far less expensive than. Removing 'travel and accommodation because who knows if you taking a private jet or Vespa.

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Who the hell had the insight to know that a sitcom with Bob Uecker playing off a British Butler would work?!

First of all, just want to say thanks for doing this - a really interesting read! I recognize your name on many episodes of those classic sitcom - if you get the 'Written by' credit vs. others in the writer's room - is that because you did most of the writing or the premise is attributed to you or some other factors?

If you are a decent writer, what is a good way to 1) learn the format of sitcom writing and how to produce a script 2) to try to break into the business? I used to write fiction all the time, people assumed I wanted to be a novelist (which I did) but I got really tired of writing verbose descriptions of how dark and stormy the night is and that what I really like are premises and snappy dialogue.


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Regarding Epstein's motives and wealth...We're people PAYING him for access to these girls/women? Like a pimp? If not, why recruit such a large group? Was he paid in favors/influence? Was he being paid by blackmailing them after the fact? It doesn't makes sense that these high-profile people would continue to hang out with them and not once say to one of their cronies "Hey man, stay away from this guy - this motherfucker filmed me and now I have to give him millions."

And the CIA/Mossad angle, is it likely they knew he was committing despicable crimes but let him continue to do it for the info he procured? And how did that work? He passed along things he was told or overheard? Pass along video evidence so that the CIA or Mossad could blackmail them?

Again, I have a hard time believing situation was 1) Jeffrey invites _____ to his island 2) Jeffrey films ______ committing despicable crimes. 3) Jeffrey delivers tape to CIA/Mossad, who use that to blackmail/influence _____. And for some reason, they guy keeps going to the island, doesn't tell anyone else, and is completely compromised. Like are we to believe there's a Bill Clinton tape and Bill has been running around doing the bidding for the CIA for decades with this over his head? For the threat to be real, some people would have to have been exposed - for sure someone didn't do what they were told and should have had their life turned upside down. And if exposed, one has to believe the authorities never sought to verify where the video was taken.

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So has any evidence he was able to gather now in the hands of authorities who will use it to prosecute people or do you think American intelligence will similarly use it for blackmail purposes?

Another important question - Trump loves to cite the Clinton connection, but he very clearly hung out with and partied with Epstein. Do you think Trump committed deplorable, illegal acts along with Epstein and will we ever see evidence of this? (beyond accusations that never seem to go anywhere).