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I have a friend with Alopecia, she rocks it with great confidence. She's somewhat of a celebrity in the City we live in, in that she'll have total strangers approach her when traveling and say "You live in ____, right? I see you all the time." We met Jessica Alba through a mutual friend who worked on the set of something she was filming and Jessica said "I've definitely seen you around."

She also gets cat-calls "YO, You got a beautiful head my dear!" being one example I remember.

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What's interesting is that Turkey is becoming known as a destination for high quality, affordable transplants ($1-3k excluding travel and accommodation)...A friend of mine went to India to get one done and paid $5k for a procedure that probably would have cost $15-20k over here.

Edit: I wrote that the cost in Turkey is "$3-5k including travel and accommodation" but the feedback I'm receiving is that it's generally far less expensive than. Removing 'travel and accommodation because who knows if you taking a private jet or Vespa.

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Who the hell had the insight to know that a sitcom with Bob Uecker playing off a British Butler would work?!

First of all, just want to say thanks for doing this - a really interesting read! I recognize your name on many episodes of those classic sitcom - if you get the 'Written by' credit vs. others in the writer's room - is that because you did most of the writing or the premise is attributed to you or some other factors?

If you are a decent writer, what is a good way to 1) learn the format of sitcom writing and how to produce a script 2) to try to break into the business? I used to write fiction all the time, people assumed I wanted to be a novelist (which I did) but I got really tired of writing verbose descriptions of how dark and stormy the night is and that what I really like are premises and snappy dialogue.


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Also, fires are very territorial - if one sees another, it’s likely to say “Sorry mate, didn’t realize you were burning over here. Off I go, then.” to which the control fire will say “No worries, mate.”

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I’m not but many fires are.