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Yea well that's all going downhill.

Source: See NetNeutrality in News

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MAN, I've worked with Microgram scales but that's ridiculous.

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You should consider going to all the labs who discovered psychoactive substances. Your enthusiasm would do wonders for the progression of decriminalization and the use of psychedelics, dissociatives as well as entactogen/empathogens for psychological disorders. Cancer related depression and PTSD come to mind as the most promising issues to be treated with these substances however the list seems as endless as Medical Cannabis as to what they can help treat.

Anyways I'd be lying if I said I didn't just want to see Hoffmanns Lab or Shulgins Shack...

Maybe that's the journey I take one day.

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How much evidence of ancient civilizations do you find yourself stumbling upon?

Ohio is up there as one of the top places i wanna explore

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I live in California and have infact spent a lot of time in Livermore but have never even visited the labs. Without being armed with more than curiosity what could I see there?