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Don't medic crews call into these hospitals en route to inform them of the incoming patient (AFAIK standard practice)? If yes, why would the hospital not make it clear that they will not accept the patient?

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Went to Catholic HS. Our class valedictorian had gone to Catholic school his whole life and shared with me his view that "The Catholic Church is the biggest business in the world." What are your thoughts on this, especially considering the funding of religious orders like Jesuits and Capuchins?

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EMT as well. Misread the description, thought they were talking about ambulances arriving to the ED before being diverted.

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We know about Clinton, Trump, Prince Andrew etc. Who's the most surprising person that has prominent links to Epstein that no in is talking about?

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EMT and I've been responding for about a year. Do you have any tips for handling anxiety? Not so much when I'm on shift or responding, but I've lately been dreading the time approaching a shift because I'm very inexperience and fearful of making mistakes in a costly situation.