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When you were told from someone off camera that you were in the shot, you looked back at the camera almost in shock lol

Did you move out of the shot or just continue eating your pizza staring into the camera?

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In your AMA proof picture, what kind of sandwich is that on the counter? :p Happy New Year!

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When I was a lot younger I was in a bar with 'vip' booths where you would go to get your dance. They were up a set of stairs so it was semi private, but it was open on the side so not how a room would be private.

I was getting a dance from a dancer, and I was super horny, so after her letting me touch her for awhile, I tried to do the deed. She asked me if I had condoms, I said no...but I'm STD free and I trust you. She looks at me and says, ya but I'm not sure if I can trust you. (lol) She ends up ripping my pants off anyway and we went raw.

Fuck I was stupid back then. Everytime I took a piss I kept imagining pain. Then every day I took a shower I'd inspect every mark on my body thinking they were 'lesions' ... Then finally I couldn't take the anxiety I ended up going to get a full checkup at the doctor. Things were OK :)

If I could go back and do it all over again, I probably would lol :/

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On your IMDb Page It shows your acting appearances stopped in 1993 and you didn't appear in anything again until 2008. What did you do during that time? Were you still trying to pursue an acting career? Are you still hopeful to continue acting, or are you fully satisfied with being a filmmaker?

Good luck in the future!

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What's your favourite sandwich?