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So what you're saying is some asshole already took the name you wanted for your podcast?

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Uh, I'm in the military, my father was in the military, my son-in-law is in the military and I disagree with you. TRICARE has served me and my family very well. I get good care, from doctors I trust and very reasonable cost. My father and mother speak well of TRICARE and my daughter does as well.

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Terry Jones provided a recorded audio tour of Doune Castle, where The Holy Grail was filmed. It is glorious.

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The crew was relying on the autothrottle system, but they set the system incorrectly. For one setting aircraft speed is controlled with throttles (typically in level flight) and in another aircraft speed is controlled with pitch. In the second case, the throttles remain at climb setting (94%) and the pilots control speed with pitch. The higher you raise the nose, the lower the speed, and vice versa. The Ethiopian crew was using the second setting. With the throttles at 94% and the pilots unable to raise the nose to normal climb pitch the aircraft speed increased far beyond normal. By the time of the final descent the aircraft was some 40 knots beyond MAXIMUM speed for the altitude. This excessive speed likely contributed to the first officer's inability to turn the trim wheel in the nose up direction by hand. The flight data recorder shows the first officer actually turned the wheel in the wrong direction, which INCREASED the nose down pitch. He probably did this when he found he couldn't turn it in the nose up direction. It's a natural reaction: if the wheel won't turn in one direction you try in the other. In this case, he exacerbated the problem by increasing nose down pitch.

While not excusing Boeing's role in this accident, I'm fairly certain that pilot error will be ruled as the major causal factor in both the Ethiopian Air and the Lion Air crashes.

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What is your website?