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She never said her husband was happily married.

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I built houses many years ago in Atlanta, and our crew would knock off real work around 3 or 4 and drink a case or two of beer (collectively, not per person) and chuck the bottles in the crawl space under the houses. I had a chance to go look at this development fifteen years later and I could still see the mounds of bottles underneath.

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disseminating his DNA on a large scale

Are there a shit ton of Epstein children running around?

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What was your favorite platform/language to develop in? What is your development philosophy (TDD, MVC etc.)?

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I'm building a skoolie but I haven't yet worked out where I'm going to live in it. Would it be legal in your town for me to buy land and live on it in my bus? I think it would be semi-legal in my state (PA) but only for 180 days out of each year (and only off-grid). I'm sort of considering buy two cheap properties (a few grand each) and alternating between them.