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Black__lotus44 karma

Isn’t it more likely to be the prison staff? How would a paid prisoner delete the videos?

Black__lotus26 karma

I agree, three people can keep a secret if two are dead. But I always felt someone official had to be involved to tamper with the evidence like that.

Black__lotus6 karma

Hi Rob, love your work! Do you have any desire, thoughts, or plans to collaborate with Trent Reznor and NIN again? Maybe new HTDA?

I know his schedule is packed and you’ve moved on, but now that you’ve had a break and had the opportunity to create more personal works, is that something you would consider?

Black__lotus6 karma

I really look forward to it! Somethings been missing since your absence. I also really appreciate the response. It’s not every day I communicate with someone who’s work I’ve loved so much!