My name is Anthony, otherwise "Tony Bologna" on the Hot Dog Highways, and I'm an official driver of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

A lot of people tend to have a tons of questions about my job and what it's like driving such an iconic vehicle across the country.

I figure it be fun to answer any of your questions in a thread.


Inside the Wienermobile

EDIT: Hi guys, Tony Bologna here. I’m needing to sign off now and get going to my next event, but I appreciate all of the Wienermobile love and questions. Sorry I couldn’t answer every one, but hoping to have another Hotdogger do an AMA in the future. Make sure to smile and wave when you see us rolling down the Hot Dog Highways!

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frenchhorngod3624 karma

Do you chuckle when driving through tunnels?

nthonyTM3261 karma

I'm usually holding my breath like everyone else.

tnb6412039 karma


Was this you putting me to shame on I-99N in PA?


We were going up hill man... It's not fair.

nthonyTM1263 karma

I'm currently in the South. But I know which girls are driving the vehicle in PA right now.

SonicSingularity1459 karma

As someone who drives a hot dog, you seem like authority on them. So let's settle this.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

nthonyTM1876 karma

This is a pretty controversial question. Luckily, Oscar Mayer made their opinion heard on National Sandwich Day that a hot dog IS a sandwich. For fun, we renamed the Wienermobile to the 'Sandwichmobile' for a few days while media followed the story. however...the debate lives on...

TheTourer1454 karma

What are the specs of the Wienermobile like? What's the engine, drivetrain, weight, etc? Is it easy to drive or physically taxing? Can you kick out the rear and powerslide that sausage?

What is the craziest driving situation you've found yourself in while behind the wheel of it?

nthonyTM2174 karma

DOGmensions: - 27 feet long (60 hot dogs long) - 11 feet tall (24 hot dogs tall) - Chevy V8, 300 vortec engine

It’s pretty easy to drive when once you get used to it’s size. I always have a good time behind the wheel.

Haven’t done any drifting, but a donut in the Wienermobile is a possibility.

Craziest driving situation: You’d be surprised how many ‘drivers’ decide to attempt selfies in front of us.

littlebigman007962 karma

Do you have to have a special licence to drive it?

nthonyTM2515 karma

No special license is required. Just a BUNdergraduate you receive at drivers training we call Hot Dog High.

bob_boo_lala959 karma

Are you in New Orleans? I keep seeing one around the French quarter

nthonyTM1112 karma

That’s me 👉😉

PrintError930 karma

Saw one of you guys in Jacksonville FL a few months ago. Wife and I were heading to court for one of the most stressful moments ever (trying to pull off an adoption), and passing a giant hot dog COMPLETELY blew the stress away for a few minutes and gave us something to laugh about.

Is there a little mini kitchen or anything in there? Like can you actually pull up like a food truck and serve some rockin' wieners?

P.S. The adoption was successful!

nthonyTM532 karma

Happy to know the Wienermobile was able to bring a smile to your face. As for the kitchen, it does not have one. Although that does sound like fun!

LegendaryCichlid782 karma

Does it have a good sound system for rocking out while you’re driving? If not get on those people!!

nthonyTM897 karma

It definitely does man, wouldn’t be as great of a road trip without it! If you have an recommendations on music to jam to, send them my way!

LastKnave25754 karma

Is the wienermobile a chick magnet?

nthonyTM1712 karma

I like big buns, I can not lie.

Guusjuh00644 karma

While driving, do you have the idea that people are watching you? If yes, how do you act when you notice people watching you?

nthonyTM939 karma

Love this question! It really depends. Most of the time people on the road get super excited to see the vehicle and just want the driver to wave back (of which I enjoy doing). Other times, people try getting my attention by doing weird stuff (i’ll let your imagination come up with something, cuz i’ve seen it all) and in that case I try to keep from encouraging them and just stay focused on the road.

NameUnbroken505 karma

What is the purpose of driving a weinermobile across the country? An expensive mobile advert?

nthonyTM866 karma

We're on a mission this year to put a better hot dog in every hand. Driving across the country we spread miles of smiles.

SecondHandEmotion464 karma

Two questions: How many Wienermobiles exist on Earth today? What car company makes them?

nthonyTM890 karma

  • There are currently 6 active vehicles touring across the country right now and 2 vehicles on reserve if Oscar Mayer needs them. (You'll also find a 1952 version of the vehicle in the Henry Ford museum in Michigan.)

  • The Wienermobile team contracted a company in North Carolina called Spevco.

abeuscher449 karma

Can you describe the sort of emergency which might necessitate one of the two vehicles not in use to be called into action? Is there some kind of Weiner Signal which is put up with a spotlight against the clouds, spurring the drivers to action?

nthonyTM1320 karma

We unite when someone blows their Wiener Whistle 3 times in distress.

danimal6000376 karma

Are any of the weinermobiles haunted?

nthonyTM538 karma

Can’t say I know of any being haunted. However, the Wienermobile’s favorite holiday is Halloweenie. Halloweenie

KaTzPJamas349 karma

Ever get pulled over?

nthonyTM531 karma

I personally have not. Don't jinx me 🙃

ganestalay310 karma

Do you drive around a neighborhood like an ice cream truck or tend to set up shop around a busy area like a street vendor?

How much do the dogs cost?

Do you sell anything else besides hot dogs?

nthonyTM720 karma

We usually attend events in each city we visit. Car shows, parades, festivals, concerts, movie premieres, etc. Basically, if it sounds fun we’ll be there. Otherwise, we get invited to visit grocery stores who run sales on our hot dogs while we are there.

Fun fact, the Wienermobile does not sell anything. There is no grill or kitchen for us to make any food, but we are equipped with coupons and Wiener Whistles for people to come to visit us.

jwilcoxwilcox290 karma

How does one become an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile driver?

FlyingPhilosopher204 karma

It's a very difficult process. Some compare it to getting into law school.

nthonyTM648 karma

Very true. Thousands of people apply for this job every year and only 12 are selected. As you said, you have better chances getting into an Ivy League university than getting behind the wheel of the Wienermobile.

TheAtheistReverend231 karma

What's it like driving a giant wiener in the cross breeze?

nthonyTM535 karma

I'd say it's pretty aero-dog-namic 😏

AlbertFischerIII192 karma

Have you ever banged in the Wienermobile? Do you know if anyone else has?

nthonyTM365 karma

No comment 😏

xxreasonswhynot186 karma

Do you have hordes of people taking selfies a lot?

nthonyTM307 karma

All the time. People see it from miles away and come rushing over to get a photo. I do my best help people get a picture when I can; it's kinda tricky to get the entire vehicle in a selfie.

FriendsWitBenedicts180 karma

Do you have a co pilot?

nthonyTM319 karma

I do, on my tour I have been given 2 co-pilots of which I have/had 6 month with each.

Parter 1 Hayley

Partner 2 Kelli

hawg_farmer73 karma

Do the copilots drive? Do they get the same training?

nthonyTM210 karma

I am my co-pilots co-pilot and vise versa. We have the same job and do an equal amount of driving.

Burndy108 karma

Does your co-pilot have a co-pilot for you to co-pilot while your co-pilot is teaching their co-pilot how to properly co-pilot?

nthonyTM105 karma

uh huh

AemenLeny167 karma

Do you get free hotdogs?

nthonyTM364 karma

You'd be surprised how many people give me free hot dogs on the road! However, being the driver does not entitle me to any from the company.

bowman9152 karma

What do you put on your hotdogs?

nthonyTM472 karma

I’m a big fan of just drowning my hot dog in nacho cheese.

AngryAggron22150 karma

How do you back up in it? Is there a back window to look through?

nthonyTM252 karma

When we need to back up either myself or my copilot will hop out and guide each other backwards. No back window. We do have a back up camera, but hardly use it.

Mtwat147 karma

Is it manual or automatic? Awesome job btw you seem to really enjoy it.

nthonyTM177 karma

Automatic 🤙

04729_OCisaMYTH146 karma

Hey, if you were a hot dog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

nthonyTM166 karma

I might bite the buns first. 😏

cwleveck128 karma

Did you ever take one to a personal event for fun. Like a high school reunion or wedding? Or maybe embarrass the hell out of your kids, significant other or parents?

nthonyTM354 karma

It's my personal vehicle when off the clock. I take it to the movies, theme parks, shopping, the dentist, etc. You name it.

I'm 24 with no kids to embarrass of my own, but that does sound fun!

MelaniOtto126 karma

Is the song a constant earworm running through your head?

nthonyTM194 karma

Haha, people love to sing it to me and I love singing right back!

CoolStoryBro_Fairy115 karma

Both your links take me to an invalid page. I'm from Australia and I have no idea what any of what you said means. What does that entail? Are you a celebrity?

nthonyTM211 karma

The vehicle is definitely a celebrity, I'm just the lucky dog that gets to drive it.

El-Drazira104 karma

Have you ever been pulled over just so the state troopers can get a photo with the Wienermobile?

nthonyTM144 karma

That hasn't happened to me, but drivers before me have experienced that.

dokidokichan102 karma

have people asked for your autograph?

nthonyTM219 karma

Not too often, but they have. I’ve signed some pretty interesting things. One of the coolest things is signing Wienermobile hot wheel.

aussiev396 karma

What kind of hotel do you get to stay in?

nthonyTM211 karma

We are lucky enough to choose what hotels we want to say at. I'm personally a big fan IHG and Marriott hotels.

Extvguyyyz89 karma

Are you allowed to Valet it??

nthonyTM193 karma

Nope, and I wouldn’t do it even if I could. My keys are MY keys. 😉

colborne93 karma

Years ago I read a newspaper interview about the 2 hot girls that drive a wienermobile for a living . Know who I mean? They were complaining about all the sexual innuendo that they had to endure. Like 'wanna see a real weiner?' and 'mines even bigger.'

nthonyTM221 karma

That aspect can be difficult at times, however at Hot Dog High we are pretty well trained on how to handle awkward situations like that.

Mollusktshirt93 karma

Where are you based? Have you ever been based elsewhere?

nthonyTM183 karma

The Wienermobile is based out of Madison, Wisconsin. To my knowledge, the Wienermobile has always been based there.

WhereisAlexGulikers82 karma

What's a surefire way to beat you in a fight?

nthonyTM215 karma

Toss a hot dog to left. Get me with your right.

johnamo80 karma

I had no idea there were so many seats inside. Is it usually full of people?

nthonyTM85 karma

Nope, usually just me and my co-pilot.

DJbuttcrack80 karma

How did you get the job?

nthonyTM158 karma

There are 2 ways to get the job.

  1. Applying online at OscarMayer.com
  2. Visiting an information session at one the college campus’s that the Wienermobile recruits at.

I personally was lucky enough to already be attending college at one of those universities.

VESTINGboot80 karma

Whats the weirdest thing youve heard in this job?

nthonyTM217 karma

Read this thread and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what I’m dealing with. lol

hey_sailor76 karma

Hot diggity dog- I legit passed a Wienermobile in my small NJ town today and gawked like crazy person as I drove by. I didn’t know there were only 6! So- knowing the crazy face I’ve made, would you describe the best reaction you’ve had from someone you’ve driven by (in a car, truck, or on the side of the road) that made you laugh the hardest?

nthonyTM166 karma

One driver asked me to honk my horn to wake up his girlfriend in his passenger seat. Needless to say she was extremely surprised when she woke up.

beckybones73 karma

What does it take to get a ride??

nthonyTM134 karma

Gotta be a lucky dog!

KASHOOT259 karma

I've never seen one of those, but what do you say to people who ask whats your job, and how do they respond?

nthonyTM134 karma

I proudly tell them I'm the driver of the Wienermobile. They usually flip out and ask for a whistle.

Too-Far-Frame54 karma

When you were a kid, is that what you wished to be?

nthonyTM132 karma

Driving the Wienermobile definitely is something I wanted to do when I was a kid! I've always been a fan of experiential marketing. I went to school to study it as well. Hoping to find a job in NYC in experiencenial marketing when my contract driving the vehicle is over.

Accomplished_Square50 karma

How can I get a ride in this wiener?

nthonyTM72 karma

Check out the Wienermobile's social media regularly for our next contest. Don't know when that might be though.

Retlaw8348 karma

Is it true the only source of music onboard is a tape containing the "I want to be an Oscar Meyer weiner" song permanently stuck in the 8-track player?

nthonyTM68 karma

This rumor is false!

dom12332144 karma

By any chance were you driving easy on I-287 today? If so you surprised me and my coworker today it took a while for me to realize what I saw, an Oscar Mayer Weinermobile!

nthonyTM54 karma

That was our North East team. I'm currently in the South.

jamiccdasneak43 karma

Do you know Kyle Edwards? Apparently the Wienermobile is heavily affiliated with my j school, the Missouri School of Journalism

nthonyTM57 karma

Kyle is my homie!

aussiev339 karma

How many miles do you drive in a year?

nthonyTM71 karma

It’s hard to tell. Every year’s tour is a little different. On average we drive about 500 miles week. Most of those weekly miles are from our drive day that gets us into a new city.

nappy572738 karma

To you drive people around ? There seem like plenty of seats.

nthonyTM65 karma

Not usually to be honest. We usually only fill the seats when we're doing a media ride. We'll have a reporter, camera man, sound guy, producer, etc.

destrukkt2 karma

hey can you check the second link?

Is isn't working

nthonyTM5 karma


Hopefully this link works for you.