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What are the specs of the Wienermobile like? What's the engine, drivetrain, weight, etc? Is it easy to drive or physically taxing? Can you kick out the rear and powerslide that sausage?

What is the craziest driving situation you've found yourself in while behind the wheel of it?

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Wow, guess I have to ask because no one else has yet: are we ever getting more entries in the Legacy of Kain series?

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I wish I could upvote this to the top. OP's code is not even close to production ready—or even public beta ready. The figures surrounding site performance and optimization paired with the "really good at one language" comment are proof of how deeply trapped in the Dunning-Kruger Effect OP is. Furthermore, "getting really good at one language" is a red flag for someone who understands just one language and not overarching CS concepts.

I'm the lead UI engineer for a small but very well established startup, and I have close to 15 years' experience in web development, and a full CS degree—and I would not even consider myself "really good" at Javascript. If one considers themselves "really good" at Javascript they're probably not keeping up to date with the latest crazy trends—which change almost weekly on the bleeding edge side of things.

OP, it would be a very good idea to take a step back from the industry for a while and take some CS classes. You'll formally learn about data structure choices, algorithmic efficiency and time/space complexity, all things you should have a good handle on before you try your hand at releasing your own production-level applications.

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This site is largely pseudoscience. Knew for sure when I saw the GMO blog section.

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Do you have the picture still? Can we see it?