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Saw one of you guys in Jacksonville FL a few months ago. Wife and I were heading to court for one of the most stressful moments ever (trying to pull off an adoption), and passing a giant hot dog COMPLETELY blew the stress away for a few minutes and gave us something to laugh about.

Is there a little mini kitchen or anything in there? Like can you actually pull up like a food truck and serve some rockin' wieners?

P.S. The adoption was successful!

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I was out in my back yard with a VHS camcorder during Hurricane Andrew (1992), does that count? We lived in Miami and I wanted footage of trees and patio roofs flying down the lake.

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We’re you there in 2010 when they sent all of us home at like 1300h in a blizzard? Some people spent 10+ hours stuck in their cars. It was epic.

I biked home and spent my evening eating steak and watching the weather channel panic.

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We've got Egg McMuff Punch on one of our local teams. There was a DCRG player who tried to go by "Clitty Clitty Gang Bang", but the announcers straight up refused to say that over the PA and she eventually changed it.

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DC has one of the better teams in the country. Definitely check them out. PM me for details if you need.