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I'm wondering if you could comment on the infamous daily show interview. Seemed not to go well for either party.


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When you were a kid, is that what you wished to be?

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I loved trine 2! But being honest I picked it up when the ps4 was rather barren with games, so I haven't had a chance to try 3. Can you catch me up on why you claim to have failed?

Thanks for doing an ama!

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Worst valentine's day story?

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Growing up with ADHD, I know just how easy it is to become distra- Squirrel!!!

The thought of anything else going on while I was trying to concentrate was just impossible. Some people can study while listening to music or even watching TV. Again, for me this is impossible.

How would music help? Sorry, honest question. It just to me, it would only distract from the task at hand.